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Lesser-Of-Many-Evils Opens GOP Debate by Saying Only Men Go to Work

Time-traveling Christie strikes again!

Trump has officially densensitized me to the point where another candidate can totally ignore the accomplishments of professional women, and I won’t even flinch. Bravo, America. Bravo.

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While discussing the L.A. school closure during tonight’s debate, Chris Christie, in an attempt to convey what a sad state of affairs it is that children can’t go to school for fear of attack, urged the audience to “think of the moms taking their kids to the bus stop and the fathers going off to work.” I’ll think of the moms taking their kids to the bus stop, for sure. But I’ll also think of families where those antiquated gender roles don’t apply, because this is 20-freakin’-15 and women make up a significant part of California’s workforce.

Considering the GOP candidates have proven themselves to be a who’s who of sexist incompetence (remember when they couldn’t make a single legitimate suggestion for the woman that should be on the $10 bill?), Christie’s remark feels like the lesser of many other evils, which is profoundly fucked. Emphasizing traditional gender norms is harmful, ignorant, and out-of-touch, even though, compared to Actual Fascist Trump, Christie’s terribleness almost seems quaint.

Yup. Way to go, America. Way to go.

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