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ChiliBed Mattress: Warm or Cool, as You Like It

The ChiliBed, a new mattress from Chili Products, can be cooled or heated from 46° to 118°. Heated mattresses are nothing new, but the ChiliBed claims to be the “world’s first cooling mattress system.”

The product is currently being showcased at the Winter 2010 Las Vegas Market and is not yet available for purchase. From the press release:

The new natural foam mattress made from 100% Soy has the Chili Technology embedded into the layers of foam allowing consumers to heat and cool their bed from 48-118 degrees F.

“You no longer have to fight with temperature at night,” said Todd Youngblood, CEO and co-founder Chili Technology. “ChiliBed solves the problem of heat build-up, one of the primary complaints people have about memory foam mattresses. Our proprietary Chili Technology cools and warms the ChiliBed from 48-118 degrees offering unparalleled temperature control, body support and pressure relief. ChiliBed reacts immediately to your body and conforms to your exact shape. Look no further for better more restful sleep”.

The ChiliBed’s Chili Products relative, the ChiliPad, is for sale, however. It operates “Similar to the semiconductor technology that cools computers, water passes by the chip and the water is cooled or heated. Water flows through the coils in the mattress to actively adjust the temperature of the surface at a fraction of the cost of air conditioning or heating.” So: if you feel painfully detached from your computer when you’re sleeping, being cooled like one as you sleep could make you feel closer than ever before.

(h/t CrunchGear)

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