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UPDATED: Amazon Suddenly Slashes Prices on Graphic Novels

Bleeding Cool News has tipped us off to some serious and unexpected discounts.  As of this post, is listing a huge number of Marvel trades and omnibuses at $8.24 or $14.99 a piece.  Many are even hardcovers. 

Just a sample of discounted books:

  • Ultimates Omnibus
  • Wolverine Omnibus
  • X-Men Omnibus
  • Daredevil Omnibus Vol 1
  • Daredevil Omnibus Vol 2
  • Death of Captain America Omnibus
  • Invincible Iron Man Omnibus
  • Fantastic Four Omnibus
  • Secret Wars Omnibus
  • Golden Age Marvel Omnibus

Bleeding Cool has two posts up, here and here, regarding exactly which books are big bargains, or you can check Amazon’s list of Marvel trades and browse for yourself.  Discounts are most widespread in the Marvel list, but can also be found at Image, DC, and Dark Horse.

Update 1: According to Bleeding Cool (again), who have been in touch with a comic creators, this is likely to be a glitch on Amazon’s part, rather than a deliberate strategy.

For example:

Well, as Avatar’s Gravel: Never A Dull Day (Signed Limited Edtion) slips from $89 to $14.99 and the Gravel: Major Seven hardcover gets the same list price, I asked William Christensen of Avatar Press and owner of this website if this was a promotion. He told me;

“oh god no, that is like selling them at print cost! they have to pay me triple that amount for each one they buy!”

What this may mean is that Amazon may not honor the purchase of items that they do not have in stock, and their stock is going fast.  Right now, out of the top 20 bestselling books on Amazon, 26 are graphic novels.

Buy with caution.

Update 2: Bleeding Cool has confirmed that this is a glitch.  And it is being fixed.

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