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Charge Your Cellphone with a Flashlight

A new Japanese flashlight, the poetically-named GH-BTK-31LK, not only illuminates your path, but acts as a mobile cellphone charger.

From Steve Levenstein‘s Japanorama:

Attach the included adapter to the business end of the flashlight and connect it to the charge port of your depleted cell phone. Turn on the flashlight and wait 80 minutes for a full charging that will allow 45 minutes worth of phone communication.

The GH-BTK-31LK is made of black anodized aluminum, measures 20 × 85mm (4/5″ x 3.5″) in width by length and weighs 20 grams or around 7/10 of an ounce.

Alas, it only works on Japanese phones, and won’t be available for purchase until around August of 2010.

(via Japanorama)

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