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Things We Saw Today: Catherine O’Hara Explains Moira Rose’s Iconic Accent From Schitt’s Creek


moira rose in a hat or wig made of black feathers

Schitt’s Creek is over, but the love affair between the viewing audience and the Rose family still continues (especially for those of us who are one season behind).

Cheat Sheet shared that Moira’s accent is not a real accent in the known world, which I’m sure we could all pick out, and that actress Catherine O’Hara “basically picked up different accents and assimilated them into something all her own. Putting it all together, the accent seems one part British/Canadian/Mid-Atlantic, plus a bit of retro Hollywood affectation.” In an Elle piece on the matter, O’Hara mentioned that she thinks the accent of Moira as representative of the character’s own aspirations having come from a small town and hoping to make a new name for herself.

Like everyone else who has watched the series, I have found myself mimicking a lot of ticks and vocabulary of both Moira and Alexis, which is just a tribute to what wonderful comedic actors Schitt’s Creek brought together in order to make this excellent show work.

(via Cheat Sheet, image: CBC/Pop)

  • The Party of Five is over as Freefrom decides to cancel the reboot of the ’90s series. (via Deadline)
  • If you have been feeling like all of this stress is destroying your body from the inside out, don’t worry cause science is saying that’s totally true. (via HuffPo)
  • Ugh, Shakespeare in the Park is canceled due to coronavirus :'[ (via New York Times)
  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle quietly volunteered through Project Angel Food to deliver medically tailored meals to chronically ill people. (via CNN)
  • I just want Emmy Rossum to be happy:

Is it Friday? It’s Friday! What did you see today?

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