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Three George R.R. Martin Characters Readied For Game Of Thrones Season 4

Winter Is Coming

Word is, HBO’s Game of Thrones will introduce viewers to three characters from George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire next season. One from Highgarden, one from Dorne, and one from Beyond the Wall. 

We anxiously await the return of Game of Thrones this weekend after an agonizing break so HBO could premiere their Liberace movie but this is cool news to hear. We’re likely to find out more casting additions as the months go on but thanks to Martin’s appearance at ConQuesT 44 this weekend in Kansas City, we know a few of his creations will be making their debut in Season 4.

Without going into spoiler territory, they are:

The Magnar of Thenn: “Magnar” is the word for “Lord” in the Old Tongue so this is more of a title than a name. The Magnar of Thenn is Styr, a part of Mance Rayder’s Wildling army we technically should have already been introduced to. Tormund Giantsbane has been picking up the slack so I’m not really sure what purpose he’ll serve.

Mace Tyrell: He’s the Lord of Highgarden, the son of Lady Olenna (kicking major ass this season), and father of Margaery and Loras. As with Magnar, I’m not sure why they’re bothering to introduce this character in Season 4 when he could have been shown in Season 3. If memory serves, he doesn’t actually do all that much in the novels. However, he does play a role in the trial of Tyrion, though characters have been combined or replaced before on the show.

Prince Oberyn Nymeros Martell: I saved my favorite for last. Oberyn is known as the Red Viper in Dorne. Dorne is a fairly new locale to Game of Thrones viewers but trust me, you’ll like what you see there. Oberyn studied briefly at the Citadel but decided becoming a Maester wasn’t for him, though he does know a fair bit about poisons. He’s also part of a very interesting revenge plot line I won’t get into here.

What do you think of the additions? As I mentioned, I’m not sure what purpose a few of these characters will serve on the show, and I hope they don’t take away screen time from, in my opinion, more important players. We’ve yet to meet the Wildling Val or Willas Tyrell but I’m hoping the introduction of Oberyn means the Sand Snakes aren’t too far behind.

[Editor’s Note: Be kind to your fellow GoT viewers and please mark spoilers with “SPOILER” before any book discussions!]

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