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A Car that Runs On Coffee

Are you the sort of person who just can’t get going without a morning cup of coffee?  The Car-puccino feels your pain.

This 1988 Volkswagen Scirocco (chosen because of its resemblance to a DeLorean) runs entirely on ground coffee.  It gets about 3 miles to every pound with a top speed of 60 mph, although it has to stop every hour or so to, yes, clean out its filters. 

The car was built by a team from the BBC program Bang Goes the Theory, and will be driven 120 miles from Manchester to London in order to raise awareness of alternate fuels.  The BGtT team acknowledges, however, that coffee beans are unlikely to catch on.  The Daily Mail estimates that the more than 150 pounds of coffee required for the trip will cost between $379 and $2,759, where the gas required to get from Manchester to London would come to $54.

A larger version of the picture explaining the workings of the Car-puccino (hey, they named it, not us) can be found here.

The full article at the Daily Mail is here.

The Daily Mail via Gizmodo.

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