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Captain Marvel Kicks Off 2019 by Encouraging Us to Fly #HigherFurtherFaster

Let's all channel our inner Carol Danvers this year.

With Captain Marvel hitting theaters on March 8th (International Women’s Day), Disney is launching a hashtag campaign to promote the film by urging audiences to go #HigherFurtherFaster. Using Carol Danvers’ motto, the campaign was launched with a commercial featuring a variety of folks (dressed in Captain Marvel merch) talking about their hopes and goals.

The video is very much a commercial for all the new Captain Marvel toys and clothing, which will be available at Disney Parks, the shopDisney website, and likely every other place you can buy Disney merch. In addition to the merch, Captain Marvel will also be joining Disney Parks and cruises as a cast member. While playing Captain Marvel sounds like a blast, it’s gonna get real rough rocking a full body leather catsuit in Anaheim in the summer. Godspeed, Carols!

But corporate commercialism aside, this video gave me genuine chills. The first female-led MCU movie is a big damn deal, and I love that they are leading the campaign with positivity and good vibes. It’s 2019, and we know undoubtedly that bad stuff will happen this year (it happens every year, such is life). But there’s something to be said for starting the year off on a hopeful, earnest note.

These are dark, divisive times. We have a president that revels in cruelty and chaos. We have widespread hate and fear and anxiety. The best way to rebuke his awfulness is by being our very best selves, by responding with kindness and empathy to whatever life throws at us. It sounds simple, but being a good person is hard. Cruelty and selfishness is easy. Being nasty online is easy. Hating is easy. But the really good stuff, while sometimes hard to manifest, is our only way out.

Let’s walk boldly into 2019 and channel our inner Carols. Like Danvers, we all possess great power within us. We just have to be brave enough to use it. Our mandate for this new year should be simple. Let’s be big damn heroes.

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