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A Camera Attached to an Arrow [Video]

Remember that time some fella attached a camera on the tip of a sword? Well, now some other fella attached a camera to an arrow, then recorded variations of the arrow being shot into the sky. Do I sense a camera-on-the-end-of-[enter thing here] meme? YouTube user jeremiahjw explains his motivation for making the video, as well as some of the techniques he used:

I saw a video of someone shooting a bow with a camera attached to the arrow. I was shocked that I never had this idea, so I went outside and tried it myself, with a few improvements. I took off the arrow fletches to keep it from spinning so much (the feathers at the end). I used a wide angle lens. I shot it with the camera facing two directions. I used frame interpolation in the faux slow motion shot, so it is a bit smoother.

(via reddit)

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