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Here’s What Fox’s Bryan Singer-Directed Battlestar Galactica Would Have Looked Like

Aside from "cancelled after part one."

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In the years before Ronald D. Moore’s Battlestar Galactica rose from the depths and destroyed our souls (well, your souls—it took me a few more years), it looked like X-Men director Bryan Singer might be the one getting his reboot on by doing a BSG miniseries for Fox. The production was delayed by 9/11, so Singer left to do X2, after which time the studio scrapped the project entirely for being “too close to home.” We’ll never see that show, but we do have some hints at what it would have looked like thanks to newly released concept art by Guy Hendrix Dyas.

It’s an odd bit of cognitive dissonance seeing the Basestar non-spiky, but on the whole I have to say this looks pretty cool. But most importantly: In an alternate universe where this Fox Battlestar Galactica exists, was there still Gaeta? And did Gaeta not die? Never getting over it.

(Film Sketchr, via Blastr)

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