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A Brief History of Web Standards [Infographic]

We currently live in an age where one can start reading a long article on one’s computer, shoot the article over to one’s phone and continue reading it on said phone while in transit. People have their web browser of choice, which allows them to view various different types of content in various different types of formats on the web, but have it look roughly the same as everyone else sees it. There are now so many ways to connect to the Internet, whether it be via standard computer, tablet, phone, video game console, and even portable gaming device, and it has become so seamless and consistent due to web standards. You probably know something out there has to regulate this kind of thing, but have probably not paid too much attention to it before. With the help of The Barbarian Group, Vitamin T, An Event Apart, and reading on below, you can now begin thinking about web standards, infographically speaking.

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