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Brie Larson Playing Animal Crossing on YouTube Is the Soothing Content I Need Right Now

Brie Larson Animal Crossing Q&A on YouTube.

Brie Larson is one of those celebrities that just seems like a lot of fun. Whether it’s showing her nerdy side by talking about Star Wars or playing Nintendo, Brie Larson is unapologetically herself, and now, she’s giving us new content with a YouTube channel that is just kind of whatever Brie Larson and her fans want it to be.

In the second video on her new YouTube channel, Brie Larson creates a new island on Animal Crossing: New Horizons while answering some questions. Ranging from how to be anti-racist to whether she prefers onion rings over fries, the video is just as soothing as Animal Crossing itself, to be quite honest.

“Yes, Agnes, yes!” Larson said as she met with the new villagers on her island, and from there, it was just collecting weeds while talking about important issues. She also said that Nickelodeon’s Doug holds up, which is great information to have.

Of course, because it’s Brie Larson, there are men on the internet who are somehow mad about her having a YouTube channel where she talks about video games.

Not going to lie: I’m kind of obsessed with Brie Larson just building an island while taking questions, especially because she answers some deeper questions while just catching a fish.

Animal Crossing has been, in a lot of ways, a saving grace throughout this quarantine. I bought a Switch and the game just to soothe me because I wanted to escape for a little while, and heading to Stark Inc. with Lyman and Phoebe from the start has been nothing short of calming. And Brie Larson expressed that in her video, talking about how it’s a meditative game.

I’m excited to build this island with Larson, though, even if she’s the one doing all the work. Do I wish you could have multiple islands on Animal Crossing? Yes, I have defeated the debt of Tom Nook on my own island, and now I want to start again and rebuild just because. At least Brie Larson is letting me live that vicariously by watching her make this new island. (I don’t know what she named the island, but I have questions—unless, when she said her name was Brie, that was what she named the island? Because if so, Brie, come on, we have to be cooler than that.)

I can’t wait to see what else Larson’s channel holds for us and, more importantly, what our joint island will look like in the end!

(image: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

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