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Boom! Studios Are Making Original Peanuts Graphic Novels

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Last week Boom! Studios did some teasing of their upcoming books, and Comics Alliance did some sleuthing, all to the (unconfirmed) conclusion that Boom! Studios would be making new, original Peanuts comic books.  This made us kind of nervous, seeing as how Charles Shultz has been dead for eleven years and has never before been uninvolved in a print adaptation of his characters.

And now that Boom! has confirmed that they’ll be publishing a graphic novel adaptation of the upcoming Peanuts animated special Happiness is a Warm Blanket and posted page previews… you can kind of tell.

The problem lies mostly in the conversion of Peanuts into the modern graphic novel form.  There’s a lot of comic book language in here that Shultz never used.

Panels floating over other panels, for example:

Irregularly sized panels:

And narration boxes:

All the jokes and story-lines are familiar ones, all the characters are on model, but the usage of modern comics language just makes this feels strange. But maybe I’m just a sensitive comics reader.  Boom! Studios also makes the comics for Darkwing DuckDucktalesChip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers, and The Muppet Show so it’s possible that they’ll do well for the Peanuts license.  But color me skeptical.

(via Comic Book Resources.)

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