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Bo Burnham Filmed Inside In the Nightmare On Elm Street House

As if I didn't have nightmares about turning 30 thanks to "Inside"...

Bo Burnham with Socko in Inside

Bo Burnham: Inside is a 2021 “comedy” special that hit Netflix and promptly broke its entire millennial audience. From calling out the fakeness of a “White Woman’s Instagram” to the madness of the Internet, Inside is a brilliant and devastating experience. Through humor and music, Burnham calls out many problems in our society and beyond. Inside is both upsetting and catchy in a truly addicting way. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to it at this point, it’s concerning.

The special, which was filmed in one room during the pandemic and completely written, directed, shot, and edited by Burnham, was an incredible feat, and audiences and critics applauded his work. Of course, as there must be to anything popular and lauded these days, there was some backlash from people who seemed angry that Burnham didn’t actually spend months in a single room all alone making Inside, as is the impression when you watch it. He still had a house to go to when he was done for the day. (It’s fine, please, let Bo Burnham live his life.)

But there is something that many of us didn’t know about the special that comes in at just the right time for spooky season: Inside was filmed in the same house used for A Nightmare on Elm Street where Nancy (Heather Langenkamp) was haunted by the dream stalker each and every night.


Owned by Hustlers director and partner to Bo Burnham, Lorene Scafaria, the house is infamous for fans of Freddy Krueger and though it isn’t actually on Elm Street, there’s no mistaking the house. In a new listing for its sale, the news came out that it was the location where Burnham filmed the critically acclaimed special. This now makes the Nightmare/Inside house a truly epic stretch of real estate.

Want a look, well, inside?

Now I’m going to imagine Freddy Krueger haunting my dreams while singing this over and over again.

Inside is something that continues to haunt many who watched it, so this news is doubly fitting. We haven’t stopped singing the songs or reflecting on the messages that Burnham highlighted throughout it. From songs about overcoming depressions or suicidal ideation to commentaries on capitalism and consumerism, the entire film never really leaves you. Especially “Bezos I” and “Bezos II”.

So I guess in a way, that’s Krueger’s legacy come to life in real-time? Mainly because, like I said, Inside doesn’t leave your mind. One, two, Burnham’s coming for you …

I am the kind of person who is fully prepared to listen to “30” by Bo Burnham in my last few moments of being 29 years old. I loved Inside and showed it to my family and friends, and I still listen to the full album from time to time. And now, as someone who loves the Freddy Krueger movies, I’m going to love it that much more. I just wish we could have had one little song parody about Krueger to really drive the last nearly two years of our nightmarish pandemic era home.

So if you didn’t have nightmares about existential dread after watching Inside the first time around, maybe now you’ll have nightmares about Freddy Krueger?

(image: Netflix)

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