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Bly Manor RomCom Fan Video Makes Me Ache for More Gay RomComs Period

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One of the most amazing parts of The Haunting of Bly Manor was the powerful romances between Hannah/Owen and Jamie/Dani. Youtube video maker, foomatic21 made a trailer of Dani and Jamie’s relationship as if it were a rom-com and now I am hit with a mighty need.

What I like best about it is that it still keeps Dani’s trauma of having lost her fiance as part of her ghostly backstory. Not only does it add some tension to the story but, in some ways, it makes that part of Dani’s story more interesting than it ended up being in the show.

While some think that the relationship between them is a little dry, other than there being one really long monologue which goes on too long, I think it is a solid love story and you know what? After all the tragic gay love stories we’ve had to deal with: gay boring hits different. Plus, the little bit of bittersweetness at the end gives it that gothic bite. Honestly, if it focused more on them and less on most other things in the show, it would have been better (and please burn episode nine to the ground).

Not only is this so freaking cute and highlights one of the best parts of the series, but it just filled me with a sense of longing for more of this. Imagine Me & You was one of my first wlw rom-coms that I watched and it lit a fire in my heart that I have been feeding ever since. Since then, I have felt like so few films in the mainstream have really managed to do something as good, but this trailer … man, would this have lit the fuse.

My wish list for 2020 is more cute gay romcoms and we’d prefer if they weren’t just attractive cis-white people, please and thank you. If the responses to this video are an indicator, there is a big desire for this kind of content and I think we deserve it. With the romcoms that Netflix has been putting out, there is more than enough space for everyone to be able to have their own broadish gardener to scare away their ghost ex.

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