Blizzard’s Rumored 5-Year Plan Leak Looking Less Rumor-y Now That People Are Resigning

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On November 29th, a great secret was revealed… or at least, it certainly looked like it.  It seemed as Blizzard China had allowed the internet to get a hold of a list of all of Blizzard Entertainment‘s proposed product releases for the next five years, and which yearly quarter they were expected to be released in.  This included heretofore unknown projects like the fourth and fifth expansions to World of Warcraft, three different additions to StarCraft II, two expansions for the unreleased Diablo III, the World of Warcraft movie, and a project going by the name Titan that is likely a codename for Blizzard’s long-secret second MMO.

Well, that weeks old leak is starting to receive some legitimate, if indirect, confirmation in the form of the resignation (or firing, depending on who you ask) of the general manager of Blizzard China.

According to Marbridge Consulting, it seems as if Blizzard is even conducting a full investigation of the leak which may culminate in more staff rearrangements.

So it seems like we might actually be able to look at this scan and say: “This is what Blizzard projected that they would be doing in fall of 2010.” But with the company’s policy of releasing content only when it is “done”, and facilitating it by never announcing a release date until the time is right, it remains to be seen whether these projections will be carried out as they are here in reality.

Oh, and yes.  There are Titans in Warcraft, but it has been solidly confirmed that the game will not be based in any existing Blizzard franchise.  So just take a deep breath.  You’ll be holding it for a while.

(via GamesRadar.)

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