Billy Eichner and Lin-Manuel Miranda surprise a fan in Billy on the Street

The New Billy on the Street Is a Burst Of Lin-Manuel Miranda Themed Joy

I am definitely happy while watching this video.
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Are you happy? That is the question at the heart of the latest Billy on the Street with Billy Eichner, and he’s brought actual ray of sunshine and hope Lin-Manuel Miranda along with him.

The pair run through the streets of New York, asking passerby if they’re happy. As per usual, they run into a series of fascinating folks on the street, ranging from those highly uninterested in being interviewed to some super Hamilton fans.

Perhaps the best part was when Miranda and Eichner ran into an artist who had contributed fan art to a Garfield book that Miranda also contributed to. The meeting is incredibly touching, and thankfully the pair found each other again on Twitter after Eichner shared the video.

Another iconic moment is a young woman who didn’t recognize Miranda off hand, but who did recognize Hamilton — because she’s been trying to win tickets for months. Her frustration at not being able to see the show is something I’m sure many Hamilfans will relate to.

Naturally, Twitter has loved this video, with fellow celebrities chiming in with their affection for Miranda, Eichner, and the sheer joy of this episode.

Eicher and Miranda make a fantastic comedic duo, with their different yet perfectly synched energies creating comedic gold. Please, if the news cycle is stressing you out (as it clearly stresses Eichner out in this video at certain times), watch this and celebrate the joy of Lin-Manuel Miranda and his power to make people smile, as well as Eichner’s absolutely stellar comedic timing and improv skills.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be getting reaction images from this video to bother my friends and screaming “Speaking of Vietnam, he’s in Mary Poppins Returns” for the next year and a half.

(image: Funny or Die)

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