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Betty Is a Bald Hedgehog, and She Could Use Some Friends

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Meet Betty. She is a hedgehog with no spines, which is the result of an unexplained skin condition. Fortunately, she is under the care of humans in a wildlife rescue center. But unfortunately, she is too nervous and shy to make friends with other hedgehogs. Did you feel that? That was a tiny part of your heart breaking for a shy, bald hedgehog. Let’s go make friends with Betty. All of us.

Foxy Lodge Wildlife Rescue in Norfolk, England has been taking care of Betty, who is currently six weeks old, but has not been able to figure out why she lost all her spines. Without them, she can’t defend herself against predators and is less able to stay warm in the winter. So unless her skin condition turns out to be temporary, Betty will most likely be a permanent resident at Foxy Lodge. Her handlers are hoping that her spines do eventually grow back so she can at least gain the confidence needed to mingle with the other hedgehogs. Because right now, she has no friends.

Keeper Tonia Garner said: “She’s healthy, but it’s sad. She lives alone in an enclosure indoors. We hope the spines will come back so she has a normal life.”

While it’s great that Betty is in the company of such compassionate people, it’s so sad to think that she’s too afraid to go out and make friends. She probably feels self-conscious because she looks different, and her little hedgehog self-esteem is probably lower than it should be. But we’ll be your friends, Betty. We’ll be your friends. Unless you’re ready to forge your own little solitary path of angst, which we’re also cool with. Just bring a coat.

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