'God of War's Kratos with an arm around his young son, Atreus
(Santa Monica Studios)

The Ten Best Games You Can Only Play on a PS4

Sorry, PS4 exclusives only. You can’t come in.

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You heard me. Take your “best Gamecube games list” and go back to 2004. Oh, what’s that? You think you can come in because you played the best PS2 games or whatever? Those games were so two consoles ago.

For those of you with a PS4, or those who want to live vicariously through internet lists, here are the 10 best PS4 exclusives out there.

The Last of Us Part 2

Image of Abby Anderson in a cutscene from the video game 'The Last of Us, Part 2.' Abby is a white teenage girl with brown hair in a ponytail wearing a black jacket over a black t-shirt with a brown backpack on her back. She is looking at someone with a serious expression.
(Naughty Dog)

You think that you’ll get special treatment from us just because you played The Last of Us when it came out on the PS3? That was literally over a decade ago. We’ve moved on. We’ve grown up. Just like the characters in The Last of Us 2. We’re dealing adult things now like daddy issues, just like the game’s main characters Ellie and Abby. But are we gonna go to therapy? No. There is no therapy in the apocalypse. The only therapy is revenge and a lot of homemade nail bombs.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

spiderman and felicia-hardy in an image from 'Spider-Man 2' the game.
(Insomniac Games)

Unlike every other Marvel superhero that was bought out by Disney, Spiderman is exclusively owned by Sony. Meaning that Marvel’s Spider-Man was exclusively for the PS4, allowing only PS4 owners to play as Peter Parker as he fights off nearly every villain in the Spiderman Rogue’s Gallery on a quest to save New York City from an OzCorp supervirus.

Uncharted: A Thief’s End

Nate and Elena gear up for their imminent retirement.
(Naughty Dog)

Did you think that Uncharted would be finished after the third game in the trilogy? Nope! PS4 owners got to experience the exclusive end to the series with Uncharted: A Thief’s End. What did you miss? Oh nothing! Just the privilege of sailing around the seas looking for pirate treasure while hanging out with Nathan Drake’s long-lost brother.

God of War

'God of War's Kratos with an arm around his young son, Atreus
(Santa Monica Studios)

Non-PS4-havers might only remember Kratos in his younger years, when he was an angry and vengeful man attempting to take down the gods of Olympus. They never got to have their daddy issued healed by the gentle but firm hand of middle-aged Kratos as they lived vicariously through his son Atreus. Daddy issues are such a last-generation console problem, that’s why I don’t have those any anymore. Watched Kratos learning to open his heart to his son while laying waste to the pantheon of Norse gods totally healed me. That’s why I do healthy things now, like run an exclusive PS4-only members club.


The Moon Presence lurks in the moonlight in "Bloodborne"

What’s Bloodborne? Just Dark Souls but better. You get to play as a hunter whose sanity is slowly unraveling as you rip and tear your way through terrible beasts and alien beings to ascend to the levels of the Elder Gods!

Horizon Zero Dawn

A young warrior wanders through the open world in "Horizon Zero Dawn"

The main character of Horizon Zero Dawn looks back at the remnants of humanity’s technological past the same way I look back at the PS3: It was forever ago. Alloy is a young woman who lives in a tribal world populated by animal-like machines, who is searching to uncover the mysteries behind lost technology of old. I just hope she doesn’t dig up your old Xbox: some ancient technologies are better left buried.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

A blond boy stands gripping a sword strapped to his back in "Final Fantasy 7 Remake"
(Square Enix)

I bet this game sounds familiar to you! You probably played the original Final Fantasy VII back when dinosaurs like the PS1 walked the Earth. You probably thought that the blocky graphics and slow, turn-based combat couldn’t get any better. BUT IT COULD AND IT DID. Final Fantasy VII wasn’t just remastered, it was TOTALLY REMADE. Beautiful graphics. An action-packed real-time tactical combat system. And an improved story. I bet you didn’t even think it was possible, but it was. If you had a PS4, you would know.

Persona 5

Loading screen image of Joker from Persona 5.
(Atlus/P Studio)

PS4 owners know that the purest love a human being can ever experience is the love that they have for Persona 5’s Best Girl Anna Takamaki. And the love that they have for strategic turned-based combat. This game is about a kid named Joker, who has the ability to jump into people’s hearts and change them from the inside out. How? By boss battling the darkness that lies within! All while balancing school, friends, AND a part-time job!

Death Stranding

A man carrying packages with a bay strapped to his chest dances in the wilderness in "Death Stranding"

I still can’t tell you exactly what Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima’s auteur game is about, but that’s not the point. The point of Death Stranding isn’t the destination of the plot, but the journey. And you’re gonna be doing A LOT of walking. You play as Sam, a courier for a shipping company that operates in a post-apocalyptic Earth. Imagine if you were an Amazon delivery driver who wanders the wastelands of what was once America while using a living baby as a GPS—and you need to dodge raiders, ghosts, and rainfall that makes you age exponentially if you touch it.

Ghost of Tsushima

A samurai surveys a lush island landscape in "Ghost of Tsushima"
(Sucker Punch)

Ghost of Tsushima is about Jin Sakai, a samurai warrior who is protecting the island of Tsushima from the Mongol hordes. Using a combination of stealth and guerrilla tactics, he’s able to repel the invaders and save his homeland. You know, I see a lot of myself in Jin. I’m trying to save my exclusive PS4 gamers-only members club from the hordes of people who think that their old PS2 will allow them a free pass. Not gonna happen.

(featured image: Santa Monica Studios)

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