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10 Best Fire-Type Pokémon, Ranked

Fire Type Pokemon are considered some of the strongest, but can also be the cutest.

Cyndaquil being a damn cutie in the Pokémon anime

Every Pokémon player (or viewer, or general fan) most likely has a favorite type of Pokémon. Fire-type Pokémon are one of the more popular types. Fire-type Pokémon are known to be some of the strongest and make formidable opponents. All the while, they manage this fiercest while looking the absolute cutest!

Ever since Charmander hit the scene, it’s been clear that fire types are a top pick for starter Pokemon. However, even the non-starter Fire-type Pokémon are fan-favorites. Fire-type Pokémon are extremely powerful (hence, fire), but can be squashed by a Water-type if the trainer isn’t careful. That’s why many players have to pay attention to their combinations of Pokémon. Although you can never go completely wrong with a Fire-type, these top 10 Fire-type Pokémon are sure to pull at your heartstrings.

10. Infernape

Infernape is one of the most popular Fire-type Pokemon, it’s true. This is mostly thanks to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Infernape has an insane level of strength, which is the main appeal of playing with this Fire-type.

9. Arcanine

Trainers have been waiting for Arcanine to get a new look since Mega Evolutions were dropped. Luckily, we did see a new design for this Fire-dog, and fans love it! Even in its classic state, Arcanine has always been a great choice.

8. Moltres

You really can’t miss with a Legendary Pokemon from the original games. This Fire-type Bird is more powerful than it often gets credit for. Moltres’ Flying-type attacks, like Hurricane, are an amazing compliment to their Fire attacks. Don’t sleep on Moltres!

7. Flareon

Okay, so maybe Flareon isn’t the strongest. But it is one of the cutest Pokémon out there! Flareon is one of the most popular Eevee evolutions, which certainly makes it worth ranking here. Seriously, look at this fiery friend!

6. Reshiram

The coolest part about Reshiram? The fact they are a Dragon- and Fire-type Pokemon. Reshiram has grown in popularity since Pokémon Black, and they’re part of the Tao Trio. Seriously, what more could you ask for from this Legendary?

5. Litwick

The most adorable and friendly ghost since Casper, Litwick is a Ghost- and Fire-type Pokémon that we will never get enough of. Litwick is a fan-favorite because of its cuteness factor, yes, but also because they are generally entertaining to have around.

4. Ninetails

You know we could not do a Fire-type Pokémon lineup without including Ninetails. The coolest thing about Ninetails is how it has evolved over the years. Introduced as a Fire-type in Gen I, Ninetails was already a popular pick. But then Pokémon Sun and Moon reimagined Ninetails in Gen VII as an Ice/Fairy-Type. As both as Fire-type and Ice-type, Ninetails really lives up to its reputation as a badass. Sorry, we don’t make the rules.

3. Charmander

You didn’t think we’d make a Fire-type Pokemon roundup and not include this little guy, did you? Charmander has always been and will always be a trainer favorite. As one of the most popular starter Pokémon picks in the original games, many long-time fans have a strong attachment to Charmander. Every evolution of Charmander is popular as well, but the wee lizard himself simply had to make the list.

2. Victini

You may be thinking that Victini is a weird choice to hold our number two spot, but hear us out. What’s cool about tiny Victini (see what we did there) is that they are not only a Fire-type Pokémon, but a Mythical one as well. That makes the combination of their attack styles really interesting and definitely worth noting.

1. Cydaquil

Okay, so Cydaquil may also seem like an odd pick. But there’s a reason for it—have you seen one? Cydaquil is a very, deeply precious Fire-type starter Pokémon from the Johto region. It’s classic fan favorite. Fire-types deserve all the love, especially some of the OGs.

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