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The Best ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Dice Sets Your GP Can Buy

If you’re anything like me, then soon after you started playing Dungeons & Dragons you discovered you’d acquired an entire hoard of dice, and like a dragon you still wanted more. But there’s a lot of dice out there, and we all have limited finances, so you want to be sure you’ve got the best, shiniest, most weaponizable dice available on this, our porn-filled internet. To help you with that, I present to you my own personal D&D dice wish list, helpfully ranked by desirability.

Dragon’s Lair metal dice set

Blue metallic filigree dice with gold detailing
(Misty Mountain Gaming)

Looking like something that came out of a Dwarven mountain these intricate filigree metal dice are a brilliant celestial blue with gold details. It’s hard to see on the bigger dice because the smaller sides mean a smaller design, but each side of every die has a relief metal dragon worked underneath the gold numbers, and this is just such an incredible detail. I honestly can’t imagine the sheer work that went into making these (or honestly how they put them together so seamlessly) but they’re genuinely worth the money ($59.99, because custom dice mean custom prices, but that’s pretty much how this list is going to go).

Crystal Maggie Fantastic Glass Music Motif dice

Rainbow glass dice with gold music notes and numbers
(Crystal Maggie)

I have never seen anything scream bard so hard in my life. Fabulous rainbow glass dice with what I can only describe as a gold fantasy font for the numbers and the twisting stave music that frames them. They look like a bardic spell come to life and honestly make me want to demand a new game just so I can play a bard in it and justify spending almost a day’s wages on a set of dice.

URWizards The Galaxy Moon dice set

Clear resin dice with galaxies set inside, in jewel tones on black

They have the whole galaxy inside them! These are detailed and gorgeous, in all the same brilliant colors deep space photographs are tinted so we can more fully understand the glory of what we’re seeing. They remind me of the Star Trek theme or those image sequences that show how powerful a character is by zooming out from the universe to show that it’s actually held in his hand. Which, come on, that’s exactly what you’d spend at least 10 minutes doing as soon as you got your hot little hands on these.

The Splintered Tree Dark Side of the Moonstone (Black Labradorite) Stone dice

Dice carved from labradorite with gold numbers
(The Splintered Tree, Etsy)

There’s something so decadent about owning real gemstone dice, and you’ll be following in the footsteps of the Romans who carved dice out of rock crystal and other things, which is very cool. Labradorite is such a beautiful stone, with its natural blue “flash” and iridescence, and has a lovely cool, smooth feeling when you touch it. I think this set would really help set the mood for a game like AGOT where you play feuding aristocracy, or any kind of noble, elf, or fairy character.

Transmutation Dice Arcane Majesty

Tragically these aren’t available in their shop yet, so I’ve shared the instagram post where they’re asking for input on what color the numbers should be. Just look at them: the colors are amazing and I want to eat them (not the dice, mind—the colors themselves). Then there’s the glorious gold foil suns, moons, and stars set just under the surface of the dice. They’re giving sorcerer, they’re giving psychedelic magical trip around the universe, and you have no idea how much I want them.

Dakota Irish Black caltrops

A shiny black and gold dice set with pointy edges
(Dakota Irish)

We all know D4s and razor edged dice have a secret double life as caltrops, and I can only assume this is what inspired Dakota Irish when they came out with their caltrop set. Made of metal, they’ll have a nice, heavy roll and make a satisfying clacking sound. Plus, from an aesthetic perspective, they’re just really cool. I love when functional items are designed to look like other things, and how you could probably even use these as a LARP prop (as long as you didn’t actually throw them).

The Wizard’s Vault Gnome Tinkerer dice

Clear dice with cogs and gears inside them
(The Wizards Vault, Etsy)

These are amazing! They have tiny clockwork gears suspended within them! I can’t even with how cool they are. I also know enough about working with resin to tell you that getting the placement of the gears right—so they’re aesthetically positioned instead of listing right up against one side of the die or the other—takes a lot of time and work because you can’t just pour the stuff one time and be done with it. There’s layers that go into making these, people! Which means they’re surprisingly affordable at £14.96 or $18.05 (some of the cheapest on here).

Fennek and Finch Rose dice

Clear dice with copper foil and rose petals inside
(Fennek and Finch, Etsy)

These are so pretty and romantic, with copper leaf and real dried flowers embedded inside. The makers suggest them as a romantic gift for a D&D player and I have to agree; I’d love to open a box with these inside on a significant occasion (hint hint). There’s also just something really great about the combination of a traditionally feminine aesthetic with D&D. It’s still so unexpected, and hey, defy expectations at the table while embracing your hyper feminine style (if that’s your thing) with these.

The Wizards Vault Mana Ore dice

Dice made from copper with veins of sparkly blue resin
(The Wizards Vault, Etsy)

Classic metal dice are always cool and these have an upgrade with the rivers of what looks like blue magma, or magical ore (to quote the description), running through them. Created with artificer characters in mind, they really look magical, and are going to have a heavy, satisfying feel in your hand, plus that great metal clacking sound when you roll them.

Dispel Dice Stardust Liquid Core Chonk D20

A giant iridescent silver D20
(Dispel Dice)

OK, look. I can’t afford this. I cannot justify spending $215 dollars on a single die, no matter how cool. But look at it. I want it. I crave it. It’s just so beautiful with its frosty iridescent core and silver numbers. Can you imagine fishing it out of your bag the first time you need to make a roll during a new game and everyone just stopping to stare at its majesty? You’d need a special tray or a really large table to successfully roll it mind, at least without knocking over everyone else’s miniatures and such, but still.

Bonus: Dakota Irish Gummy Dice

Test tube style packages full of pink dice sets with a handful scattered on the table in front of it
(Dakota Irish)

While not part of the list itself because you can’t actually play with these, I had to include the edible gummy dice produced by Dakota Irish. They satisfy that deep seated gremlin urge to put the die in your mouth and crunch down (or, well, chew in this case, but still). The ones pictured are prosecco-flavored but they have a bunch of different flavors and some amazing edible mini potion bottles as well.

(featured image: Esther Derkson, Getty Images)

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