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These Are the Best & Most Elaborate Celebrity Halloween Costumes of 2022

Keke Palmer as Princess Rapunzel and Eugene Lee Yang as Eddie Munson. Image: @KekePalmer & @EugeneLeeYang on Twitter.

One of the struggles of Halloween is the cost and time limitations when you finally decide what your costume is going to be. Many very talented artists find economic workarounds, budget year-round for this activity, etc. However, the rich have a much easier time going all-in on this holiday. Like the red-carpet looks, this is their time to shine, and every year, a handful don’t disappoint. Here are some of the best Halloween costumes we’ve seen in the final days of Halloween 2022, so far.

While these are not in a definitive order, Janelle Monáe would always be in the top percentile. They absolutely adore Halloween and always shout out the team of artists that help pull off the costume. Sometimes, like in the last few years, they will dress up in multiple costumes the week leading up to the 31st. This year, Monáe landed on Earth as Diva Plavalaguna from The Fifth Element and sang an operatic version of Alien Super Star by Beyoncé.

Others that couldn’t help but don multiple stunning costumes, including Midori Francis (The Sex Lives of College Girls), Keke Palmer (Nope), and Eugene Lee Yang (of the Try Guys). Francis recreated the demon doll Chucky and another look from Everything Everywhere All at Once. Palmer recreated Princess Rapunzel with box braids (she dubbed Detangled) and Rogue of the X-Men, both of which are characters fans expressed interest in her playing!

Yang went all out on Stranger Things season four. First, he dressed as Eddie Munson and Vecna, and then a Vecna version of a majority of the main cast. I think he will likely pull a surprise extra costume this year because every year since 2019, at least one of his costumes has been an Asian character or person in media. In 2020 he dressed as characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender /The Legend of Korra, and in 2021, he was Eve Polastri from Killing Eve and Kang Sae Byeok from Squid Game.

Speaking of going above and beyond, can we make creatives dressing as characters from their upcoming movies a thing? I want to see more of is horror directors and creatives dressing like the movies they’re producing. For example, Blumhouse founder Jason Blum promoted the studio’s 2023 horror/mystery M3GAN by dressing up as the creepy doll from the trailer.

Reanimate and tribute

Just because someone only does one or one and a half costumes doesn’t mean that their work (and their team’s work) isn’t worthy of highlighting. Like for example, Lizzo as Marge krumping, Chlöe Bailey as Storm, and Hayley Kiyoko as Velma again! (But this time as a couples costume!)

I wasn’t going to include Paris Hilton’s take on Sailor Moon because I wasn’t a fan of the transparent corset look—well, as a Halloween costume twist, because many artists across genres are pulling it off on stage as concert attire. However, I love good couples or group costumes. As seen in images six and seven, her husband, Carter Reum, dressed as Tuxedo Mask.

The “dressing as other celebrities and political events” entires this year were hit or miss. However, Kerry Washington as Lionel Ritchie, Jordyn Woods (and Karl-Anthony Towns) as Silk Sonic, Ciara and her daughter dressed as Venus and Serna Williams, and a handful more knocked it out of the park!

(featured image: @KekePalmer & @EugeneLeeYang on Twitter)

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