Barbie and Ken in Barbie 2023

13 ‘Barbie’ Gifts Every Fan Hopes to Find Under This Year’s Christmas Tree

This holiday season, even the most casual Barbie fans are looking forward to finding some bright pink swag under the Christmas tree. Whether you go for a classic doll or select a creative work of original fan art, there are plenty of Barbie toys, gear, and trinkets to choose from.

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Full disclosure: I’m a Barbie fan from way back. As a kid, an older cousin gifted me with two of the original dolls from the early 1960s, along with a plastic wardrobe filled with classic clothes. Seeing Margot Robbie’s iconic outfits at promotional events leading up to the release of Barbie The Movie was a trip down Memory Lane. “I had that dress!” I shouted at no one when Robbie turned up in a black pencil dress with a bright red rose on the fluffy tulle skirt. “I had that too!” I gloated when the character wore the striped bathing suit in the trailer. It was a whole vibe.

Even fuller discloser: As the daughter of an antiques collector, I fully understand the concept of eagerly buying a toy, only to never, ever open the box. Just ask the Twilight action figures collecting dust on my book shelf. That being said, I’m pretty excited to collect some Barbie gifts this holiday season, and I’m delighted to help you choose some gifts for the fans and collectors in your lives, too.

Here are the Barbie gifts I’m most excited about for 2023.

The official collector’s edition Barbie the Movie doll

Blonde Barbie in pink western cowgirl outfit

We’ve got to start with the classics, and there’s nothing more classic than the Stereotypical Barbie dolls available from Mattel. You can get any (or all!) of the fashions Barbie wore in the film, including the western get-up pictured above, that adorable plaid dress, and the gold disco jump suit. Mattel managed to really capture Robbie’s likeness in this doll, and any of these styles would make a beautiful addition to a collection.

Obviously, the same can be said for Ryan Gosling’s character, Ken.

Ken doll wearing headband and fur coat

Gosling very nearly stole the show from Barbie and the rest of the cast. Though his hilariously goofy newfound love of all things patriarchal (and horses!) was short-lived, his singing and dancing will define the zeitgeist forever. Like Barbie, you can collect all of the outfits Ken wore in the movie. The only difficulty will be choosing which one.

We have to add President Barbie to the list … because Issa Rae!

African American Barbie doll in ball gown modeled after Issa Ray in the Barbie movie 2023

“Hurry up, Barbie, the president’s here!”

“I am! You’re welcome!”

We were so excited to see Issa Rae playing the president of Barbie Land. We’d watch her in anything, so getting her official Barbie doll is a no-brainer.

Barbie: The Album

Barbie movie sound track on vinyl with tri fold album cover

Vinyl lovers, this one’s for you! Dance The Night Away with the Official Vinyl Movie Soundtrack Set, which comes with a tiny Barbie-sized version to use as an accessory for your Barbie The Movie dolls. (Thoughtful!)

The album contains all of the hits from the Barbie soundtrack, including songs by Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice, Lizzo, Charli XCX, HAIM, and more. It’s got 17 tracks total, including a song called Barbie Dreams by FIFTY FIFTY featuring Kaliii, which is not included on other versions of the soundtrack.

“I am Kenough” hoodie

I am Kenough pink and blue tie dyed hoodie sweatshirt

Who else blurted out, “I want that shirt!” the second Ken showed up in this cozy “I am Kenough” tie-dyed sweatshirt? Just me? Okay then.

Just kidding—this fleece hoodie is sure to be a sought-after gift this Christmas. It’s been out of stock off and on since it first hit the Mattel shop, but it’s available now!

Why not be twinsies?

Ken doll wearing pink patterned 'I am Kenough' sweatshirt

Go ahead, get the doll wearing the shirt, too. You know you want it!

In case you wondered what Ken’s mojo dojo casa house smells like

pink candle with "mojo dojo casa house" printed on label

This creative candle promises to infuse your mojo dojo casa house with the essence of Ken … whatever that is. We don’t know, and frankly, we’re afraid to ask. Etsy reviewers promise this soy wax candle smells great and makes a fun gift, so it’s definitely Kenough.

One of the movie’s best quotes, on a mug

white mug with pink trim that says "I have no difficulty holding both logic and emotion at the same time, and it does not diminish my powers. It expands them"

Gloria’s (America Ferrara) speech about how difficult it is to be a woman might have gotten a lot of press, but it was Lawyer Barbie (Sharon Rooney) whose words resonated with many viewers: “I have no difficulty holding both logic and emotion at the same time, and it does not diminish my powers. It expands them.”

This mug puts those words front and center each day, giving you a special reminder as you start your day.

All the new Barbies with different abilities

Barbie doll using a wheelchair with ramp

It’s. About. Time!

Everyone is Barbie, right? It’s so nice to see actual representation with the Barbie Fashionista line of dolls. It’s wonderful to see a range of different abilities, ethnicities, and cultures that look a whole lot different from the dolls of our youth.

The perfect addition to your Christmas tree

Pink ornament with text that says "Do you guys ever think about dying?"

This clever ornament captures the pivotal moment in the film where Barbie’s existential crisis begins.

“Do you guys ever think about dying?” Barbie asks in the middle of her nightly dance party. It’s all downhill from there, but in the best way possible.

He’s just Ken

a collage of horses and Ryan Gosling as Ken from barbie movie.

Decorate the walls of your own dojo mojo casa house with this funny poster. Featuring a collage of Gosling’s Ken in both shirtless and fur coat-clad poses, this poster brings us right back to the first time we saw Ken doing his epic I’m Just Ken number. Can you feel the Kenergy?

There’s only one Allan!

Allan (Michael Cera) from the Barbie movie on an ornament

Michael Cera’s Allan character provided unexpected joy and comic relief in Barbie The Movie. There may not be any multiples of Allan, but you can get as many of these adorable Allan ornaments for your tree that you want.

We’ll end with another improvement on a classic: Holiday Barbie

African American Barbie doll in a sparkly holiday gown

In another big step forward, Mattel now offers multiple versions of their annual collectible Holiday Barbie. Holiday Barbies now come in several skin and hair tones, and each doll is more beautiful than the last.

We hope this gets your holiday shopping off to a good start. Remember, “Barbie is all these women. And all these women are Barbie.”

Bye, Barbie!

(featured image: Warner Bros.)

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