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10 Best Anime Like ‘Kaiju No. 8’

Kaiju No. 8 was one of the most anticipated anime series to drop in the Spring of 2024, and it did not disappoint. Though the first season just wrapped up on June 29, a second season has already been announced—a true testament to how successful the series is!

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Kaiju No. 8 follows the story of Kafka Hibino, a man who has dreamed of destroying the kaiju (giant monsters) that rampage his town by joining the Defense Force with his childhood friend, Mina Ashiro. Just when his dream is reignited, a parasitic kaiju enters Kafka’s body through his mouth, giving him the ability to turn into a Kaiju. With his new abilities, Kafka decides to pursue his dream of joining the Defense Force, all while keeping his powers a secret.

With no season two release date confirmed, the wait might become unbearable for hardcore fans. However, it doesn’t have to be—here are ten anime series that are similar to Kaiju No. 8.

1. Attack on Titan

L-R: Mikasa, Eren, Armin from Attack on Titan
(Wit Studio)

This might be the most obvious choice, so let’s mention it first. Attack on Titan is one of the most popular anime series of all time, so it’s likely you have heard of it. If you haven’t, Attack on Titan is set in a world where humanity is forced to live within three walls to protect them from giant man-eating humanoid creatures called Titans. The series follows Eren Yeager, who swears to exterminate all Titans. However, he discovers that he possesses Titan-morphing abilities.

Kafka and Eren are similar characters. They both have a strong sense of justice and aspire to restore humanity by exterminating the creatures who destroy society. Additionally, they both end up possessing the powers of the creatures they hate and must learn how to handle them to achieve their goals.

2. My Hero Academia

Characters from My Hero Academia

While My Hero Academia doesn’t have horrifying creatures for the heroes to fight, it does feature jam-packed action scenes against good and evil. My Hero Academia follows the story of Izuku Midoriya, who dreams of becoming a hero despite being born without a Quirk (power) in a world where everyone is born with one. After inheriting All Might’s power, Izuku attends the prestigious high school for heroes, U.A. High School, where he learns to properly use his newfound abilities.

Like Kafka, Izuku is given powers that he originally did not have. Initially, Izuku struggles with his Quirk from All Might, but he soon discovers how to use his abilities to fight for what he believes in. Just like Kafka!

3. Blue Exorcist

Rin Okumura from Blue Exorcist
(A-1 Pictures)

In the world of Blue Exorcist, demons have wandered around Assiah (the world where humans live) unnoticed, only recognized by people who have come into contact with demons before. One day, Rin Okumura discovers that he is the son of Satan. After drawing the sword that restrained his demonic powers, Rin gains the power to fire blue flames that wreak havoc on anything he touches. He resolves to become an exorcist and to defeat his father. To do so, he enrolls in the True Cross Academy, thus beginning his new journey.

Rin lived much of his life not knowing that he and his twin brother, Yukio Okumura, were the sons of Satan, and were unaware of his demonic abilities. However, with his newfound dream, Rin plans on using his abilities to become the best exorcist he can be; just like how Kafka plans to use his kaiju abilities to join the Defense Force.

4. Demon Slayer

Characters of Demon Slayer

After Tanjiro Kamado’s family gets slaughtered by a demon and his younger sister, Nezuko, turns into a demon, the young boy resolves to become a Demon Slayer. He aims to avenge the horrific murder of his family, as well as to find a cure and turn Nezuko back into a human.

Both Kaiju No. 8 and Demon Slayer feature organizations that aim to eradicate the creatures that pose a threat to humanity; the Defense Force for the former and the Demon Slayer Corps for the latter. Both Kafka and Tanjiro showcased their determination in these organizations, and both have selfless spirits that aim to help those around them.

5. Tokyo Ghoul

Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul

In Tokyo Ghoul, humans walk around not knowing they co-exist with ghouls; creatures that look like normal people, but survive by consuming human flesh. One day, Kaneki Ken goes on a date with a beautiful women, not knowing she is ghoul name Rize Kamishiro. After barely surviving a deadly encounter with her, Kaneki transforms into a half-ghoul and now requires human flesh to survive.

With his new kaiju abilities, Kafka undergoes a period where he questions who he is. Oftentimes, he becomes overwhelmed with his kaiju transformations. This is similar to Kaneki, who must live both as a human and a ghoul while trying to satiate his hunger for flesh.

6. Parasyte

Shinichi Izum from Parasyte

Parasyte is set in a world that is one day invaded by Parasites—worm-like aliens with nasty drill-like heads. These Parasites wreak havoc on society by taking over the brains of their hosts, by entering their noses or ears. The story follows Shinichi Izumi, a 17-year-old boy. While asleep, a Parasite attempts to crawl into Shinichi’s nose as he sleeps but fails when he wakes up. Instead, the Parasite takes over his right hand. Now named Migi (the Japanese word for “right”), Shinichi must now learn how to live with the Parasite to survive.

Just like how Kafka forms a bond with the kaiju in his body, Shinichi forms a bond with Migi. Together, they fight other Parasites who aim to attack Shinichi and take over his brain. Both series show characters who fight for their humanity and collaborate with the creatures inside of them.

7. Seraph of the End

Mikaela and Yuichiro from Seraph of the End
(Wit Studio)

Seraph of the End is set in a world where humans have succumbed to a “human-made” virus, leaving only children under the age of 13 as the survivors. Soon, vampires emerge as the dominant race, leaving humans at their mercy and forcing them to move underground. One day, Yuichiro Hyakuya and his friend Mikaela plot to escape, along with other orphans in Hyakuya Orphanage. However, their plan is foiled, with his orphaned family murdered and Mikaela taken by the vampires. As the only successful escapee, Yuichiro joins a vampire extermination unit to avenge his family and retrieve Mikaela from the vampires’ clutches.

8. Chainsaw Man

Pochita and Denji from Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man follows the story of Denji. Set in a world where Devils are born from human fears, Denji forms a contract with a dog-like Devil named Pochita. He fuses with Denji’s body, giving him the ability to transform parts of his body into chainsaws. With his newfound abilities, Denji joins the Public Safety Devil Hunters, where he fights against devils who pose a threat to Japan.

There are several similar points between Kafka and Denji. Both have creates that fuse into their body, giving them unique abilities that they use to achieve what they want. They also both join organizations to help rid the world of the said creatures, as they disturb the peace in society.

9. Jujutsu Kaisen

Yuji Itadori/Sukuna from Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen follows the story of high school student Yuji Itadori. After eating the finger that is cursed by an ancient sorcerer, Yuji becomes the host of Ryomen Sukuna and his evil nature. Yuji then joins Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu High School, where he learns how to use his abilities, meet other future exorcists, and consume all of 20 Sukuna’s fingers to break the Curse.

Both Yuji and Kafka have similar characteristics. They are both fighters who have no problem jumping into action if it means protecting the people they love. However, they have no problem letting loose here and there. Additionally, they both need to learn how to handle their new abilities after consuming a creature.

10. Solo Leveling

Song Jinwoo from Solo Leveling
(A-1 Pictures)

Solo Leveling is set in a world where hunters are tasked to battle deadly monsters to protect society. The protagonist, Sung Jinwoo, is originally known as the weakest among all the hunters. However, after barely survival a dangerous dungeon, a program called the System selects Jinwoo as its sole player, giving him the unique ability to level up his strength by completing tasks and quests. With his newfound power, Jinwoo sets out on a journey to fight against strong enemies and conquer dungeons to uncover the source of his powers.

While Solo Leveling is considerably more serious than Kaiju No. 8, they both have similar starts. Both the main characters start out less than stellar, with lackluster abilities. However, after they gain mysterious abilities, they learn to become stronger to achieve their desires.

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