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Puppies, Review Sadness, and New Projects: Ben Affleck’s Week in Press



Ben Affleck’s been having a hell of week, it seems. What with the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and all, he’s been doing press tours and running all over the country trying to curb some of the negative reactions to the big budget flick. Of course, there’s really no helping a lot of those reactions. Sometimes you just can’t change people’s minds. All the same, let’s go over his week, shall we?

First the good, I guess. Uproxx shared a video of The Tonight Show, where Jimmy Fallon had Affleck come on and play a bit of a game. They called it “Pup Quiz,” and it was basically a trivia show where they each answered animal-related questions. For every one they got right, they received a puppy dressed up in a superhero costume. I know, right?!

You can go ahead and get all facemeltingly gushy at the puppies right here:

I won’t spoil who wins, but really, when you’ve got puppies running around in superhero costumes, we all win.

Next, the kinda overwhelmingly sad. During a press junket, a reviewer ended up pulling what I believe to be a pretty cruel, highly inappropriate stunt: he read off some of the scathing, negative advance reviews that have come out about Batman v Superman. That’s very not okay. You can see Affleck’s face just drop. Check out the interview here:

This being the internet, TIME reports that someone took the video and dubbed Simon & Garfunkel’s “The Sounds of Silence” over the video while slowly zooming in on Affleck’s sad gaze. It could be that he’s just listening intently and trying to absorb them, or he could very well just actually be really sad. Either way, I don’t blame the guy if he were sad, it’s incredibly unprofessional and uncool to bring those specific things up in a junket, in my opinion.

Despite all of these negative reviews and things like that, it seems that Affleck’s not quite done with the DC Universe. According to this interview also shared by Uproxx, Affleck is working with DC creative head Geoff Johns on “a project.” What that project might be isn’t certain, but it’s expected to be a couple of Batman movies, because let’s face it, there’s no way you get someone like Affleck and not squeeze a few more movies out of him.

The week’s been pretty rough on Affleck, but there are more than a few bright spots and new projects to look forward to.

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