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Avengers Unite Against the True Enemy: Green Screens and Guys with Ping Pong Balls Taped On


Ok, this is just ridiculous. Can somebody please get Black Widow a real weapon?

Though it seems that rusty pipe has dealt just fine with those oddly dressed henchmen.

A number of media outlets were recently offered a look at the set of The Avengers, and the fruits of their nosy labors are being made known.

For example, it’s clear from these photos that part of Loki’s devious plans involve turning the sky green.

Yes. Look at that brooding menace. He’ll make the world over in his own color scheme.

Best thing about this next picture? That guy at the bottom. He’s just trying to make a movie. God, guys. You can chat in the commissary.

And finally, dear to my own heart, fan favorite Agent Coulson gets his very own poster:

According to Collider, the movie is sort of being shown from the point of view of S.H.I.E.L.D, where they used to be mysterious cameos in other movies, now we get to see their day to day, and the Avengers are the outsiders. For more interesting details like that, you should check out io9’s collection of all the little tiny tidbits of information.

(all pics via Comics at the Movies.)

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