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The Beauty of Pixar

Leandro “Copperfield” Braga took eleven days to watch all eleven Pixar feature films, then selected over 500 scenes and edited them together to create this tribute to the studio. He did a great job with the soundtrack too.

Editor’s note: Pixar’s films have always been very important in my life. I was 6 years old when I watched Toy Story the first time, and his films made my childhood more happy. So this video is a personal tribute for, in my opinion, the best animation studio of all time.

If the seven-minute video runtime seems a little bit daunting, this can really be broken up into three shorter video mash-ups stitched together, the best of which runs from the start to about 2:20.

See also: The US Postal Service will release a series of Pixar stamps in 2011.

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