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Things We Saw Today: BBC Sport Out of Its Depth, Misidentifying Olympic Gundam as Transformer

That was a GUNDAM, BBC. What Transformers were you watching growing up!?

optimus prime

So BBC Sport tweeted out that speed climbing is frightening enough, but impressing a Transformer at the same time? Too much!

A couple of problems: One, that’s a Gundam. Two, Transformers wouldn’t want you to impress them; they’d want to help you because the Autobots rule. Bumblebee would probably come up with the perfect soundtrack for you as his cheer. It’s okay, BBC Sport realized their mistake and tweeted again clarifying that they know they did something wrong.

That didn’t stop Twitter from flocking to the tweet and making fun of them for mistaking the two. Like … just admit you don’t know what Optimus Prime looks like and GO!!!!

So one thing is clear: We gotta get some nerds working for these places so this never happens again. Anyway, I love the Iron Giant.

(image: Paramount Pictures)

Here are some other things we saw out there today:

  • Disney met with preschoolers to make age-appropriate Marvel television for kids. (via MSN)
  • So Tucker Carlson is broadcasting from Hungary this week, cozying up to an actual authoritarian. (via Vox)
  • Sturgis Motorbike Rally comes back, despite variant concern. (via HuffPost)

Anything else you saw out there today, Mary Suevians? Let us know what you saw in the comments below!

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