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Alec Baldwin Taught His 3-Year-Old Daughter How to Do His Trump Impression & It Is Giving Us Life


It’s Saturday! Season finale of @nbcsnl …sound up 🙈

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Warning: the above video is a major cute overload. It’s also an impression of Donald Trump. Trying to reconcile those two things may hurt your brain.

Alec Baldwin’s SNL impression of Donald Trump is eerily on-point, if grotesquely over-the-top. It’s often, then, as terrifying and grating to watch and listen to as the real thing. But ahead of Saturday Night Live’s season finale tonight, Baldwin is showing off how well he’s taught his three-year-old daughter Carmen to do an impression of his impression, and like I said, CUTE OVERLOAD.

The general gist seems to be:

–Step One: Find a word to fixate on. (For Trump himself, it’s usually “best” or “greatest” or “fake news.” Something along those lines.)

–Step Two: Put your hands in the air like you just don’t care (about silly things like facts or the wellbeing of the American public).

–Step Three: Scrunch up your face like you’re trying to blind yourself to all criticism.

Carmen’s got the steps down pat. Does anyone else think her impression ends up sounding a bit like a spooky monster? To be honest, that really captures Trump’s essence, don’t you think?

In an interview earlier this week, Johnny Depp said he’d be willing to take over Baldwin’s guest star role on SNL if he ever decided to stop. Sorry, but we’re gonna have to give that offer a hard pass. We’ve clearly already got Baldwin the Elder’s successor lined up.

(via People, image: screengrab, NBC)

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