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Aventure Time Meets Studio Ghibli, ‘Nuff Said

and let it be known

Here’s a thing you didn’t know you wanted until just now. It’s Marceline as San, and Lumpy Space Kodamas. The creator of this ball of awesome is David, and he’s only seventeen.

There’s Fionna, Marshall, and BMO as Chihiro, Haku, and No-Face (And I’m guessing some Lumpy Space Soot Sprites.),

Princess Bubblegum and Jake as Ponyo and Sosuke,

Fionna and Prince Gumball as Howl and Sophie,

Fionna as Kiki,

And the most wonderful Catbus mashup, with Fionna and BMO as Satsuki and Mei.

There are even more over at David’s Tumblr, and also a bunch of awesome stuff that isn’t even Ghibli or Adventure Time related. For example, I couldn’t go without including a link to some awesome fan art of Legend of Korra‘s Lin Bei Fong.

(dmd via Cartoon Brew.)

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