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The Best Ship in Avengers: Infinity War? Bucky and Rocket

Yeah, that's right—a genetically enhanced raccoon and a super solider are my OTP.

bucky in Avengers: infinity war

When I first heard about Avengers: Infinity War, I had one wish: I wanted Bucky Barnes and Rocket Raccoon to be best friends. Was this wish selfish? Yes, absolutely. They’re two of my favorite characters, and I just thought that it would fit if they were in a scene together.

The closer we got to the movie release, the more I began to hear of a magical scene where the two are friends. So, when I actually saw the movie and saw that Bucky used Rocket as a weapon, all my weird fanfictiony dreams became a reality.

Look, there isn’t much love in Infinity War, other than Pepper and Tony for five seconds in the beginning of the movie, and Vision and Wanda, a relationship that came out of nowhere and only after she shoved him to the ground to escape the compound in Captain America: Civil War.

So to me, the greatest love story of all came from this genetically engineered raccoon wanting a metal arm. Imagine, if you will, the start of their friendship:

Rocket sees Bucky’s arm. The two have a moment where they fight side by side. Later on, Rocket asks Bucky about it again and Bucky tells him how he came to get the arm. “The star always reminded me that I was made into this monster, I didn’t want to be the Winter Soldier,” he said, Rocket looking away and remembering his own tortured past.

A heart to heart where two beings, pained by events outside of their control, connect. It ends with Bucky saying Rocket will never get the arm. When Bucky vanishes, the arm remains (I know it disappeared, but stick with me for a second here), and while Steve is mourning the loss of his best friend, Rocket sadly picks up the arm and begins to cry.

Now tell me that’s not the love story we deserve to see in Avengers 4. Keep your “I can’t have children” Hulk/Black Widow storyline; I want Bucky Barnes and Rocket Raccoon making best-friend bracelets.

Avengers: Infinity War is released on digital on July 31. If you want the Blu-Ray, buckle up and wait until the full release on August 14.

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