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Conservative Group Got Walmart to Remove Cosmo from Checkout Lines, Thanks to a Gross Misunderstanding of “#MeToo Culture”

The #MeToo movement is about ending the objectification, mistreatment, and devaluing of women. It's about fighting the silencing of women, which is exactly what this group is trying to do.

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All 22 Female Senators Demand to Know Why It’s Taking So Long to Address Sexual Harassment on Capitol Hill

Early last month, the House passed a bill that would overhaul the process by which representatives and Congressional staffers file workplace harassment and discrimination complaints. Now the bill has stalled in the Senate and women are demanding to know why.

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Amandla Stenberg Serves Up Badass Superpowered Activism in the Darkest Minds Trailer

Amandla Stenberg has carved out a fantastic niche for herself in starring in film adaptations of blockbuster YA books, from her breakthrough role of Rue in the first Hunger Games movie, to Everything, Everything, to the upcoming The Hate U Give. Next up she'll be starring in The Darkest Minds, adapted from Alexandra Bracken's immensely popular book series.

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Congratulations to Sean Penn, the New Poet Laureate to Misogynistic Sh*t Bags Everywhere

So many people have a book living inside of them that needs to come out. Sean Penn probably should have left his inside.

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Ready Player One Review: Well, It’s Not Terrible and That’s More Than We Expected

2.5 out of 5 Buckaroo Banzais.

Here’s the best thing I can say about Ready Player One: I didn’t hate it.

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Chessy Prout, Teen Survivor of Sexual Assault, Wants #IHaveTheRightTo to Be the Next “Rallying Call” For Survivors’ Rights

When Chessy Prout was a 15-year-old freshman at a prestigious New Hampshire boarding school, was sexually assaulted by a fellow student and subsequently became one of the most prominent faces of the movement to end campus rape. Her book, I Have the Right To is a powerful story of resilience and resistance.

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“How Dare You?”: Yeardley Smith Responds to Those Ted Cruz Simpsons Comments

Last month, Ted Cruz made some laughable comments about how the Democrats are the party of Lisa Simpson, which the Republicans are the party of Homer, Bart, Marge, and, inexplicably, Maggie. At the time, we all had a fun time ripping Cruz apart for his misguided attempt at an insult. Now, Yeardley Smith, the voice of Lisa Simpson herself, responds.

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NFL Cheerleader Fired for Instagram Post Reveals Grossly Sexist, Antiquated Systems of Discrimination

Former Saints cheerleader Bailey Davis Davis' has filed an official complaint, describing how the team has two very different sets of rules for conduct–one for the players, and another for the cheerleaders. And those for the women are not just more restrictive, but ultimately serve to make them responsible for the behavior of the men around them.

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Things We Saw Today: Happy Birthday, Leonard Nimoy, We Miss You

Today would have been Leonard Nimoy's 87th birthday. And though he passed away more than two years ago, that hasn't slowed the outpouring of tributes and well-wishes sent his way today. Twitter is full of birthday wishes for the Star Trek icon, from everyone from his family to NASA itself, not to mention his legions of fans.

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Cannes in the “Get Off Our Lawn” Camp, Declaring Netflix, Amazon Movies Unfit for Competition

For a festival that has now also announced a ban on selfies, none of this is exactly surprising.

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Stormy Daniels Doesn’t Have to Take the “Me Too” Label, But She’s Describing the Exact Culture We’re All Fighting Against

Stormy Daniels doesn't have to embrace the solidarity that, for many, comes from giving a name to a movement. That is 100% her decision. But that doesn't change the fact that when telling her story, she is describing the culture that has allowed sexual abuse, harassment, coercion, and so many other forms of misconduct to fester.

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YESSSSS! Tiffany Haddish Has Been Cast in the LEGO Movie Sequel

She ready.

LEGO Movie starring Tiffany Haddish that focuses on issues of gender bias? It feels like a dream.

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SNL’s Pete Davidson Got Queer Eyed and I Just Want This to Be a Full Episode

When I saw this video of Pete Davidson going shopping with Tan France from the Queer Eye reboot, I assumed it was a sketch, maybe one of the cut-for-time sketches SNL releases on YouTube during the week. Instead, it's something so much better.

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Feminist Fandom Docu-Series Looking for Leia Needs Your Help

Women have always been a part of Star Wars. And the docu-series Looking for Leia wants to tell their stories.

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For Women’s History Month, Samantha Bee Dives Into the History of Women’s Pain

And the Male-Dominated Medical Industry That Ignores It

For Women's History Month, Samantha Bee delved into one particular aspect of the lives of far too many women: pain. Specifically, the seemingly mystifying and uncurable pain of endometriosis and other uterine disorders. (Or, "Why You Have to Take Birth Control for Every Damn Lady Thing.")

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Charlie Day Is Really Into the Shipping of Pacific Rim’s Newt and Hermann: “It’s So Much More Interesting”

His comments are thoughtful and totally respectful, and because of that, they manage to transcend the queerbaiting that so often comes with indulging fan's fantasies without actually committing them to canon.

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Teenage Werewolves, Conspiracy Theories, Wine, & More: This Was a Good Week for Movie Trailers

It's been a big week for exciting trailers, especially when it comes to female-led movies.

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What Can We Learn About J.J. Abrams and Star Wars: Episode IX From Looking at His First Masterpiece, Felicity?

Abrams is great at launching big ideas (LostCloverfield, The Force Awakens) and setting a path for others to build on his beginnings. But can he land an ending?

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Ivanka Trump Cosplayed as a Vape Juice Scientist as If That’s Something the Internet Wouldn’t Immediately Turn Into a Million Memes

Thanks for the memes, Ivanka!

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It’s Way Past Time for the World to #DeleteFacebook, But Is It That Easy?

The Cambridge Analytica data breach makes the #DeleteFacebook movement hard to resist. But is it that easy to walk away?

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