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Open Thread: Arrow – Seeing Red

where does he get those wonderful toys

So, are YOU seeing red after last night’s Arrow

WOAH. Just…WOAH. Here’s some events of note from “Seeing Red.”

  • No obituary for Isabel after a week. Yeah, you should probably look into that.
  • Oliver asks Sara to move in with him and I just know it’s not going to end with a trip to Target for throw pillows.
  • We get another kind of flashback, this one 7 years past, and find out Oliver got “a girl” pregnant.
  • Yah! Sin is back!
  • “Comic book strong.” Hey, we acknowledge comic books exist in the superhero show!
  • Pretty sure that Oliver’s leg should be broken but we’ll go with sprained or whatever. At least this nice doctor will treat you on the DL because you helped get his medicine back
  • No! No! No! Roy killed one of the police officers trying to stop him. :(
  • Thea finally finds out Roy was injected with a drug but Roy is currently hallucinating Thea asking him to kill her. WORRYING.
  • What? WHAT?! Moira has known Oliver is the Arrow since last year! (Since the night of “The Undertaking.” Then she tells him she could not be more proud and OH MY GOD THEY’RE GOING TO KILL HER AREN’T THEY?
  • Moira dossier on “the girl” (why did she not get a name?) Oliver impregnated. She bribes/convinces her it will be much better for the child if Oliver isn’t involved. But wait, she instructs her to tell Oliver she lost the baby and move back to Central City. Damn, Moira.
  • Felicity, once again, taking quote of the night with: “Can you even get into those leather pants with that knee?”
  • Roy breaks up Moira’s rally thanks to Thea drawing him out, but when he attacks her, Oliver shoots him with snake venom arrows instead of letting Sara shoot him in the head.
  • Then Sara is all, “I’m leaving you for your own good, Oliver” and exits to “see an old friend.”
  • Thea explicitly tells Moira and Oliver the lying and secrets are what’s actually hurting her. DUH. And Moira’s all “Ok, here’s something you guys should probably know, Malcolm is…BOOM car “accident!” WORRY INCREASING!!
  • Oliver wakes, tied up, facing his mother and Thea, also tied up, with Slade behind them. He’s going for the same Shado/Sara choice from the island. NO! Nooooooooooo!
  • This already gut-wrenching scene is exacerbated by Moira sacrificing herself for her children, obviously. And then made even WORSE as Slade kills her with his sword through her heart.
  • I am so sad.

This was a really great episode but damn, I wish it hadn’t ended that way. MOOOOOIIIIIIRRRRRAAAAAAA! I am so scared we’re not done with the horror yet though. Share your thoughts on the episode in the comments!

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