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Watch This Totally Hilarious, Totally Sad Tribute Video to Late Archer Star George Coe

"Mexico's pretty big. And so is your heart, Woodhouse."

This might mark the one and only time we’re both on the verge of tears and giggles watching an Archer clip.

FX has released a totally hilarious, yet totally sad tribute video to George Coe, the Archer star who passed away recently at the age of 86. It’s basically just a montage of clips, but they are, really and truly, an accurate summary of his character, Woodhouse, and Coe’s voice work. The majority of it is one-liners, but you really gots to stick around to the end when things turn sentimental and, yes, it might start raining … on your face.

At this point, we don’t know what plans Adam Reed, creator of Archer, has for Woodhouse now that Coe’s gone. In a recent interview with Esquire, Reed said that it’s “too soon” to say how they’ll handle his loss next season. But judging by this tribute, it’s not too soon to know that he and the rest of the Archer gang clearly loved Coe and Woodhouse and will give him the epic sendoff he deserves.

“Mexico’s pretty big. And so is your heart, Woodhouse.”


(via The Daily Dot, image via FX)

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