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Aquaman Has Been Pissed About Offshore Oil Drilling Since 2004 [Video]

We’ve heard a lot from Aquaman in the months since the beginning of the Deepwater Horizon oil leak, whether it’s an anonymous internet photoshop, or the artwork of Kate Beaton (but nothing from the Sub-Mariner, hmm).

However, (as I realized in a moment of contextual horror while watching my Justice League Unlimited DVDs on the train yesterday morning) he’s known about the dangers of oil rig collapse for six years now.  Or, at least, J. M. DeMatteis, writer of the JLU episode Ultimatum has.

To quote Aquaman in the clip below: “The New Bermuda platform is under attack. If it collapses, we’re going to have the worst oil spill in history on our hands. I told those idiots to stay out of my ocean.”

This episode came out in 2004.

There’s a reason why Aquaman is always so pissed off in Justice League episodes.  It’s because his territory is twice as large as the rest of the Justice League members combined.  And they keep coming down as asking him for help.

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