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Live Video of Apple’s iPad 2 Announcement

It’s March 2, just like the announcement says, and you know what that means: At 1pm EST (10am PST), Apple is going to announce something or the other that we think just might be the iPad 2.

Gizmodo is liveblogging the presser, as are Engadget, Ars, PC Mag, and CNET. If you’re more of an audiovisual person, Leo Laporte and the TWiT Live crew will be hosting a live show commenting on the announcement, as will the Guys from Queens. Apple hasn’t yet announced a live video stream for the event — which is odd because it has offered live video for its last two events — but if it does at the last minute, it’ll probably appear here.

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We’re working on finding live, streaming video for the event.

Update: As of 1pm EST, Leo Laporte is the best guy to watch for this. Video below:

Update2: Brief video of Jobs taking the stage, drawing a standing ovation:

Update3: Full, live video of the event:

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