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Apple Axes iTunes TV Rentals

Coming mere days after Apple’s longtime CEO Steve Jobs stepped down comes this note that the company will be halting TV-show rentals through its popular iTunes media service. Citing a lack of interest in the rental model, the company says it will continue to offer television programs for purchase and download. Apple says that customers have overwhelmingly demonstrated a preference toward downloading programs, and that the company will focus on that instead.

The demise of TV rentals might not just be a result of low customer interest, but also resistance from the studios that create the content. CNet points out that only FOX and Disney ABC were involved in the rental program, and with only limited content at the typical iTunes 99-cent price point. Apple’s announcement has also revived rumors of a subscription offering, or possibly a Netflix-style streaming service in the works. However, it’s worth noting that if studios weren’t responsive about a rental service, they almost certainly won’t want to have to contend with another streaming service.

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As always, we’ll have to wait and see how this develops.

(via CNet)

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