The Psychological Appeal of Angry Birds [Infographic]

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Market research firm Ask Your Target Market decided to delve deep into the Angry Birds phenomenon and perform a some market research to put together this informative infographic as to why the suicide-bird game is so popular and addictive. Among various other interesting tidbits, they found that people play Angry Birds 200 million minutes per day, which is equal to game play every hour of every day for 16 years. The team also found what mood the game puts people in, as well as how addicted people feel they are to the admittedly somewhat OCD-style knock-down-all-the-things game play. They also found that there is no known cure for addiction to the game, but I will personally proscribe some better games, and you should be right as rain come morning. Read on below to see the full infographic, and learn why you can’t stop throwing birds at pigs.

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(AYTM via VG247)

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