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This Super Friends Version of the Aquaman Trailer is Perfect in Every Way

10/10 would watch an entire movie of this.

When the Aquaman trailer dropped at San Diego Comic Con, everyone was blown away: grandiose special effects, light humor, and the charm of Jason Momoa quickly got audiences excited for a superhero movie that most people underestimated. Now, Darth Blender has cut together a new trailer for the film by playing the audio track over clips from the original Super Friends cartoon, and it is ridiculously perfect.

The Saturday morning cartoon series, which ran from 1973-1986, featured the adventures of DC’s Justice League brought to life by iconic animation studio Hanna-Barbera. The series is also the basis for most folks’ impression of the character of Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman. Mainly, that Aquaman is a giant dork that contributes little to the team. Between his eyesore of a costume and his inherently goofy powers, Aquaman’s irrelevence quickly became a running pop culture joke. I mean…consider the meme-worthy evidence:

It’s honestly not a fair comparison: Superman is an alien with super strength and the ability to fly. Wonder Woman is a powerful Amazon with an invisible plane. Batman is a billionaire with a closet full of gadgets and other expensive toys. All poor Aquaman gets is…a slow jet ski? Come on, guys.

When Warner Bros’ launched the DCEU, there were plenty of questions regarding how (and even if) Aquaman was worthy of a reboot. How do you make such a canonically goofy character relevant? Two words: Jason Fucking Momoa (okay, that’s three words, but you get the point.)

jason momoa

Snyder’s casting of Jason Momoa was one of the smartest decisions he made while designing the DCEU. In an interview with the LA Times Deborah Snyder, Zack’s wife and producing partner said, “We’re big ‘Game of Thrones’ fans…I remember Jason Momoa. Zack was like, ‘Jason would be the perfect Aquaman.’ I was like, ‘It’s so out of the box. But yeah!’ He can be tough. And he feels like he comes from the water.”

With the positive response from SDCC, Aquaman seems poised to break out of the DCEU mold and give audiences something light hearted and enjoyable. Hopefully, they’ll be able to keep some of the silliness fans love from the O.G. Aquaman.

jason momoa

(via, image: Darth Blender)

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