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Amazons X-Ray Feature Lets You Learn About The Actor, Character, and Even Song That’s On Screen

Where there's movies there's hope, and need for an actor's history.


Have you ever watched a movie and go, wait, where do I know that person from? Well, Amazon has a solution for that. It’s called the X-Ray, and it will answer all your questions (and more).

Here’s what X-Ray does: it’s a feature that lets you understand how a character in a book relates to other characters, and if it’s a movie, it gives you info on the actor or actress. For example, if you were reading Lord of the Rings on Kindle, all you have to do is long-press a name. Then it gives you a bio of the dwarf in question. If you were watching The Hobbit on Kindle Fire, just pause and it will give you info on the actor, their bio, and other movies they’ve been in.

It’s a free over-the-air update and as long as you’re watching an Amazon movie, you can get your info. It’s really specific and can tell you who is on screen, what song is playing in the background, and how characters are related to one another. All this data that comes from IMDb (which belongs to Amazon, by the way). For books, you can search for terms you don’t understand.

It’s a plethora of information, and has a Trivia section too. They have people who read over this stuff, which is why they only release a hundred-ish movies a week with the feature. It’s a clever way for Amazon to get you to watch The Hobbit, or anything else really, with them rather than with iTunes or Netflix; however, you have to buy a Kindle or the Fire TV, since this is Amazon-specific.

Do you think X-Ray is useful, or distracting? Would you by Amazon electronics just for this feature? What do you think?

(via Wired)

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