Kate Beckinsale stars in Screen Gems' UNDERWORLD: BLOOD WARS.
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These Are All the ‘Underworld’ Movies in Order

I must confess, I’ve indulged in the Underworld films more times than I can count. Question my tastes, but I couldn’t care less about what the critics have to say. These movies are my ultimate concoction of vampire and werewolf lore, standing out amid the sea of supernatural-themed flicks like a vampire at a sunbathing convention. These films, nestled comfortably between gothic romance and action-packed mayhem, delve into the age-old spat between vampires and werewolves —a feud so deep-rooted it makes the Montagues and Capulets look like bickering neighbors. 

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Selene, played by Kate Beckinsale with the right amount of grace and grit, is the series’ central character. Selene embodies the strong female protagonist archetype with her raven-black hair, skin as white as the starry night, and a taste for leather that would put Carrie-Anne Moss in The Matrix to shame. Then there’s the timeless allure of forbidden romance. Romeo and Juliet? Pfft. How about a vampire and a Lycan-werewolf hybrid? The cinematic equivalent of mixing fire and ice, and it’s a recipe for drama that’s as enticing as a fresh neck to a thirsty vampire.

But here’s the clever trick that Underworld pulled off: it didn’t merely bank on its genre’s stereotypes. It evolved them, fused them with modern action aesthetics, and layered them with political intrigues and power struggles. In doing so, the series resonated with hardcore fantasy enthusiasts and the average Joe seeking a good popcorn flick. Vampires and werewolves duking it out might be an age-old tale, but Underworld served it up with such panache and style. So, in the franchise’s honor—and news of a reboot in development—here’s a list of all Underworld films in chronological order for your viewing pleasure. 

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009) 

Underworld -Rise of the Lycans Michael Sheen
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Underworld: Rise of the Lycans takes us on a moody jaunt down the cobblestone memory lane of the vampire and werewolf feud. Think of it as a ‘how it all began’ tale, only with more fangs and fewer family photo albums. Set in a time when Lycans were less “roaring beasts” and more “footwear-fetching footmen” for their vampire overlords, this installment introduces Lucian, the Lycan who dared to dream (and growl) bigger. 

A blue-hued Romeo and Juliet saga unfolds but replace the dueling families with creatures of the night, and the Montague-Capulet fights with some truly lethal fang-bearing squabbles. Michael Sheen’s Lucian, a werewolf with both brawn and brain, kindles a fiery romance with Sonja, a vampire who clearly has a thing for bad boys. Their star-crossed love story sets the stage for centuries of nocturnal nastiness. The film achieves what many prequels aim for but seldom accomplish: it gives depth to lore while standing firm on its own four furry feet. 

Underworld (2003) 

A creature hunter named Selene (Kate Beckinsale) looking confused in "Underworld"
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The first Underworld film, where neo-gothic aesthetics meet a centuries-old feud, is the celluloid answer to the burning question: what happens when vampires and werewolves attend the same moonlit party? Front and center is Selene, a vampire “Death Dealer” with a wardrobe straight out of a gothic vogue edition and the skill to make John Wick reconsider his career choices. Selene, fiercely loyal yet increasingly dubious of her clan’s tales, uncovers secrets and conspiracies with the same intensity she uses to dispatch Lycans. 

And then there’s Michael, the unsuspecting human-turned-supernatural McGuffin, finding himself in a world where a love bite could mean something entirely different. The film masterfully blends the allure of ancient mythologies with modern action, making even the Matrix-clad 2000s jealous of its leather game. The neon-lit, rain-soaked urban setting creates an almost tangibly brooding mood. Underworld is essentially a family feud on supernatural steroids.

Underworld: Evolution (2006) 

Kate Beckinsale in Underworld- Evolution
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In Underworld: Evolution, the saga’s chic gothic parade continues, only this time, with even more layers peeled back from the onion of undead family drama. As the name suggests, the film evolves the narrative from just another nightly squabble between vampires and werewolves to an exploration of origin stories that would make any archaeologist drop their dusty brush in awe. Kate Beckinsale’s Selene is back, still clad in leather, as tight as the plot twists, and still delightfully deadly. 

Alongside her is Michael, the hybrid boyfriend, who’s going through identity crises more complex than a teenager’s Tumblr page. Together, they navigate a landscape dotted with ancient foes, airborne fortresses, and revelations that make one wonder if supernatural creatures need therapy too. Evolution does a commendable job of widening the scope of the Underworld universe, introducing bigger threats to older secrets, and proving that every family has its skeletons, or, in this case, immortal bat-winged monstrosities. 

Underworld: Awakening (2012)

Underworld awakening cast
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Underworld: Awakening catapults our favorite vampiress, Selene, into the future, where the humans have swapped their garlic and wooden stakes for a much more effective “let’s-eradicate-all-immortals” approach. Imagine waking up from a long nap to find that not only is your species on the brink of extinction but also low-rise jeans are back in fashion. 

Selene, still fashionably late (by a few decades this time) and still impeccable in her signature leather, discovers that she’s a wanted immortal and a mother. The world’s sudden awareness of vampires and Lycans sparks a cleaning spree. This installment amps up the urban action sequences, transforming the once-shadowy skirmishes into public spectacles. 

Underworld: Blood Wars (2016) 

Kate Beckinsale and Theo James star in Screen Gems' UNDERWORLD: BLOOD WARS.
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Underworld: Blood Wars is chilly proof that Selene’s life is basically one long Monday. Our beloved vampiress finds herself ensnared in a frenzied tango with both her vampiric kin and the ever-snarling Lycans. The quest? A blood-soaked race to find her daughter, whose hybrid essence is the supernatural world’s equivalent to a cup of sought-after artisanal coffee. As if dealing with fanged and furry foes wasn’t enough, Selene must also confront the chilly Northern Coven, where vampires have traded in their sultry, nocturnal glam for more of a “winter is coming” vibe. 

Blood Wars adds a fresh layer of frost to the saga, proving Selene’s smoldering determination can’t be doused even in the iciest conditions. The film plays like a gothic chess game on steroids, with queens, knights, and bishops making power moves in snowy landscapes and crystalline fortresses. All said and done, it’s a fitting reminder that in the Underworld universe, blood isn’t just thicker than water—it’s also a whole lot messier.

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