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All Red Velvet ‘Cosmic’ Songs Ranked

Red Velvet is FINALLY back, and they did not disappoint!

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On June 24, 2024, Red Velvet made their much-anticipated comeback with the mini-album Cosmic. The album includes six songs, including a lead single of the same name. This marks Red Velvet’s first release in over seven months since “Chill Kill” in November 2023. The release also marks the girl group’s tenth anniversary!

All songs from the album are bangers, but some hit just a little different. Here are all the songs from the album, ranked from worst to best.

6. “Bubble”

“Bubble” is a fun, synth-pop dance song that has everything a music lover would want: bopping beats, bass, and a stunning keyboard performance. Lyrically, the song talks about being so in love with someone that the world is always dazzling when you are with them. As the world marvels at that special person’s presence, the rest of the universe will envy wherever they are.

While the song features amazing riffs from Wendy during the final chorus, I find it lacks the earworm quality the other songs have. Overall, it just isn’t as memorable as the other songs on “Cosmic.”

5. “Love Arcade”

I expected this song to be my favorite just based on the title. However, the sound effects, which SM Entertainment claimed were reminiscent of an arcade, soon got old and even slightly irritating at times. I mean, just let the girls sing!

“Love Arcade” is a dance-pop song that talks about letting your heart guide you into letting go of your troubles and shaping your own world. In “Love Game,” the members of Red Velvet shrug off all the rules that stand between them, their love, and the future.

4. “Night Drive”

If you are someone who preferred Red Velvet’s early “Velvet-side” music, then you’ll love “Night Drive.” It’s a dreamy, R&B pop song that sends you to a different universe with its mystical sound.

The title of the song is pretty straight-forward and connects well to the story they weaved. In “Night Drive,” Red Velvet talks about going on a memorable night drive with their loved ones, and how they will never forget the memories they made during the ride. The song talks about how, just like a car driving in the night, they want to trust the person they love and move forward together in the future, not caring about the final destination.

3. “Last Drop”

The reason why I ranked “Last Drop” so high is because it feels like a song from Red Velvet to ReVeluvs, which is beautiful considering they are celebrating ten years since their debut!

Lyrically, this R&B pop song sings about how Red Velvet was able to shine because their fans were protecting them like the universe. The spoken-word part of Wendy and Yeri really solidified my theory that this is not a love song between a couple, but between Red Velvet and their fans.

2. “Sunflower”

Something about “Sunflower” gives me major Melanie Martinez vibes but in the best way possible! The way Wendy sings “Hypnotized, you got me hypnotized” just reminds me so much of the intro of “VOID.”

“Sunflower” is a lively yet emotional song. Lyrically, Red Velvet compares love to a sunflower having a crush on the sun. Just like how a sunflower always wants to face the sun, Red Velvet wants to stay with their loved ones forever, even if it means flying into space to prevent night from coming.

1. “Cosmic”

It may seem a little obvious to put the lead single as number one, but it is just THAT good! Listening to “Cosmic” immediately made me realize that this is Red Velvet’s world, and we are just living in it; which is exactly what the song is about.

“Cosmic” is a sexy, dance-pop song with a bumping disco rhythm ala Dua Lipa. This fairytale-like track greets the listener, who just stepped into Red Velvet’s world, introducing them to infinite love “like the universe.”

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