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Alec Baldwin Hopes Trump Loses, Partly Because He Doesn’t Want to Have to Get Stuck Playing Him on Saturday Night Live

There are a couple of reasons why Alec Baldwin doesn’t want Donald Trump to win the U.S. presidential election tonight, but at least one of those reasons is that Baldwin would like to have his Saturday nights back.

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Baldwin’s impressive impersonation of the Republican nominee has taken Saturday Night Live by storm these past few weeks. He’s had to don the wig and force his jaw into a smirk every time SNL has done an election spoof. All of these sketches have been far more fun to watch than the actual news–almost anything would be–and that’s due in part to Kate McKinnon’s stellar Hillary Clinton impression. But, unlike McKinnon, Baldwin isn’t a SNL cast-member, he’s just a guest–and he’d rather keep it that way.

In an interview on The Brian Lehrer Show, Baldwin gives props to McKinnon’s work, calling her “staggeringly talented,” and he also describes his own wish that Trump doesn’t win. Although Baldwin himself has some less-than-savory views, he doesn’t endorse Trump.

Baldwin explicitly says in the interview that he “hopes” Trump does not win, and that the man’s campaign has been a total embarrassment: “I feel bad for his family. He’s got kids, he’s got grandchildren. The Trump name is now going to mean something else.” And that “something else” is… bigotry. Which Baldwin spells out in the interview, saying: “I still don’t get the ‘whites feeling disenfranchised’ America thing.”

Aaaanyway, Baldwin also realizes that Trump winning the presidency could result in SNL offering him a long-term role doing his impersonation. And Baldwin just doesn’t want that opportunity: “I want my weekends back so I can be with my kids.”

You can listen to the entire interview here:

(via Variety, image via screencap)

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