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Don’t Worry, This Replica of the Motorcycle From Akira Was Built For a Good Cause

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Before you start worrying about this replica of Kaneda’s bike from Akira having anything to do with the live-action remake, rest assured: this is not that. No. It’s not. We swear. In fact, not only is the Akira remake still dead (as far as we know), but this replica, built by Shinji Tejima of Japan, was actually built for a great cause: fighting autism.

Tejima, who works for the Showa Studio auto shop, spent $121,400 (or 10 million yen) and seven years building the Akira-inspired motorcycle. And now, rather than just use it for his own personal enjoyment, he’s teamed up with the Bokura Company, which supports children with autism. He’s been riding the bike throughout the cities of Japan, raising awareness — and money. Also noteworthy: this bike meets the approval of the creator of Akira, Katsuhiro Otomo. The journey began in Fukuoka, Tejima’s hometown, where he filed this video:

He’s been filing similar short videos in the other cities he’s visited, including Osaka, Nagoya, and Sh┼Źdo Island. But he won’t stop there, and he won’t just be spreading autism awareness — Tejima will also make a stop in Tokyo, where the Katsuhiro Otomo GENGA Exhibition is being held from April 9 to May 30. While he’s there, patrons will be able to take their own pictures on the bike. That will also be raising money to help the Tohoku region rebuild following last year’s devastating earthquake and tsunami.

So, let’s congratulate Shinji Tejima today for taking part in something related to Akira that doesn’t make us want to throw a desk and actually warms our hearts!

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