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Mythbuster Adam Savage Sings “I Will Survive”… As Gollum [Video]

Sometimes things just come together perfectly, and it’s like an episode of Blue’s Clues gone absolutely, perfectly right. Well, let’s see, Blue, do you want to put the Adam Savage on top of the Gollum then make both listen to “I will survive? Choir of children: “Noooooo!” Well, should we have Gollum and Adam Savage fight while “I Will Surive” plays in the background? Choir of children: “Noooooo but that would be awesoooome!” Should we have Adam Savage sing “I will Survive” in the voice of Gollum to a crowded room? Choir of children: “Yeeeeees!”

Good, because that’s just what happened:

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I don’t know what’s more remarkable about this video: Its actual contents, or the fact that it doesn’t seem weird at all coming from Adam Savage. This could be a new marketing idea. Famous songs in famous voices by nerdy celebrities. My personal pick: Joss Whedon sings “What a Wonderful World” as the Snarf. Someone make this happen.

(Via Urlesque via Reddit, image via Urlesque)

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