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J.J. Abrams to Resurrect Twilight Zone Creator’s Script for Television


It seems like a Twilight Zone story itself: the creator of a beloved, classic media phenomenon, dead nearly four decades when his final script, and the last project he finished, months before his death, is picked up by a company for production. A younger man, the newest phenomenon in the same genre of television with a twist, is taking the script on to get it to the screen. Will the younger man buckle under the pressure? Will a series of accidents mar the production? WILL THE RESTLESS SPIRIT OF ROD SERLING HAUNT J.J. ABRAMS?

Heck, lets just make a show about that.

From Deadline:

J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Prods. has acquired the rights toThe Twilight Zone creator’s unproduced last feature script The Stops Along the Way. The project will be developed into an event limited series through Bad Robot’s deal at Warner Bros. TV and taken out into the marketplace.

There’s no word on what The Stops Along the Way is about just yet. Serling mentioned it at least once a mere four months before his death in 1975 as a script he had “a special feeling” for. And of course, Bad Robot Productions has just picked up the rights to it: there’s no mention of whether Abrams will be personally involved in the production.

But I’m still holding out for a WilliamShatner-starring miniseries where he sees bears and smoke monsters on the wings of a passenger plane.

(via Deadline.)

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