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A Marvel Theme Park at Disneyland Is About to Claim All Our Money

The Avengers assemble on a poster for Marvel's Avengers: Endgame.

Want to go to Disneyland and spend a lot on Marvel merchandise? You’ll (relatively) soon be able to do that and ride rides inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe because Disney wants all our money! According to CBR, the park could be ready to go within the year, meaning that we’ll be able to head to a galaxy far far away and then take on Thanos and visit Stark Tower all in the same breath.

To be quite honest, Marvel could ask me to pay for a movie I already own, and I’d probably do it just because the MCU is something I cherish so completely. So, having a park themed after my favorite Marvel movies sure does sound like a treat. While we don’t have any specifics as of yet, we do know that Marvel has already started to make their mark inside Disney’s park with character meet and greets and the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride. (I’m still a little bitter that they replaced Tower of Terror, though.)

Do you know what I hope the park includes? A look into Tony Stark’s lab. I know that many of us have been a part of the MCU fandom since Iron Man, and with that comes a love for Tony Stark’s gadgets and his ability to create anything he needs, even if it’s a time travel bracelet so all the Avengers can go back and get the infinity stones. So, to be able to explore that lab as we’re walking through to some ride? Sign me up! (I’d even give Disney the idea to make a ride that is a “race” to stop Thanos, and it can include Tony Stark’s lab, the palace in Wakanda, and more. Just saying!)

No matter what Marvel decides to do, they do have plans for a bigger Marvel park within their other locations. Within the next four years, Disney is planning on adding Marvel elements to their parks in Hong Kong, Florida, and Paris, so the expansion to their California Adventure is just a way of giving us more Marvel content faster. I can’t wait to see what rides Marvel adds, and please let me meet Rocket Racoon. I don’t know how they would do it, but it’s Disney. I’m sure they could figure something out.

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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