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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things to Do With Your Kids

Father Sews Wonder Woman Costume For Daughter So She Can Be Princess and Superhero

When invited to a birthday party whose theme required that the boys dress as superheroes and the girls as princesses, dad Jay C. Batzner came up with an awesome compromise that simultaneously stomped on the face of gender normativity and made his daughter happy. Wonder Woman, both a princess and a superhero, had long been Daria’s favorite hero, so he sewed her this costume.  We think this might be one of those steps to raising kickass daughters.

(via Girls Love Superheroes)

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  • Erin

    Awww, that’s adorable!  And awesome! :)

  • John Payton

    While I applaud the creative solution, whoever planned that party should get their head out of the 50′s. 

  • Rebecca Rothamer

    Not only is that a great idea, but I loooove how age-appropriate and cartoon-y the outfit it. Wonderful response to kiddy princess culture.

  • Frodo Baggins

    Give ‘er some pants, Patriarchist!

  • Abel Undercity

    Am I the only one scoring this family super-double geek points for naming their daughter Daria?

  • Dorkus

    Exactly what I was going to say! Love it!

  • Jess d’Arbonne

    She looks so cute! And what an awesome idea. Had I been invited to that party, I would’ve wanted to dress as Princess Leia, complete with blaster gun, when I was that age. This solution is even better.

  • Anonymous

    Awwww, she is totally adorable.

  • Frank Javier

    so what happens to boys? …

  • Cat Sittingstill

    @ Frank Javier

    I totally agree.  The boys absolutely should be free to dress as princesses if they want.

  • Clickety Keys

    Absolutely delightful. She is clearly a treasure!

  • Anonymous

    They grow up? What does your question even mean?

  • Miranda Krebs

    Just checked out the youtube channel the video came from. This family wins all my nerd respect.

  • Michelle Flamm
  • Miriam Breslauer

    Well the only Prince and Superhero I can think of is He-man…

  • Beta_Orionis

    I think his implied question was “what if one of the boys in attendance wanted to be a _princess_ and a superhero?”

  • Kelly O’Sullivan

    Way to wear a dress!!! Love it! All that typical princess pink organza gets in the way of being a kick ass girl. Go Daria! Go Dad!

  • Sophia Swain

    This is too awesome for words! I love this story, and what a great role model this little girl has in her father. So sweet!

  • J N

    Namor (Marvel, atlantean prince)  other than that, lots of king and chieftain superheroes, but few princes that I can remember.  Prince Valiant?

  • Anonymous

    parenting: you’re doing it right

  • SaeRi

    Thor? Possibly?