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Now You Can Make An Informed Decision On Which Avenger Has The Best Booty

Have you noticed the trend, in lots of comic related art, but specifically in The Avengers’ movie promotional materials? Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow has this magnet in her butt that automatically turns it to camera every time a picture of her is taken. Weird, right? Well one artist decided to have a little fun with the trend and give the male Avengers their time in the spotlight. 

Artist Kevin Bolk had this to say about his creation. “I couldn’t help but notice that in most of the ad material, the guys are all in heroic stances but Black Widow is almost always in an impractical, curved-spine ‘booty shot’ pose. Figured I’d flip it around for my lady friends out there. Seemed only fair,” he wrote on his the illustrations DeviantArt page. “Them’s some strong male characters, amirite?

Here’s the original item Bolk took his inspiration from. It was from Russia but we’re not sure if it was actually an official promo piece.

Although not every single image coming out of Marvel’s promotion of The Avengers features Johansson rear end (The Beat has a couple face-forward), we’ve caught a few so far. For instance, here are the first official posters for the film. We’re still debating whether or not Loki is indeed also showing us his butt but ScarJo definitely stands out from the rest of her team.

So, are you totally thrilled you got to see The Hulk showing off his buns of steel or what? Not to mention his duckface.

(via The Beat)

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  • Anonymous

    Just current Avengers?  Cause I’d go with Starfox. I mean I’m not gay, but…

  • Anonymous

    Oh, Cap, definitely. I mean, All-American Male, amiright? Look at those supersoldier buns! Just look at ‘em!

  • Anonymous

    If you guys like K-Bo’s commentary on marketing, you’ll LOVE his take on Mary-Sues. Look up Ensign Sue Must Die. It’s AMAZING.


  • gabby

    God, I wish Loki’s poster actually showed his butt.

  • Carey Cauthen

    Loki’s cape is in the way. :( I demand that someone set up a fan to blow it away!

  • Joanna

    Ah the classic boobs-and-butt pose.

  • Orion Klinger

    I wouldn’t mind biting Tony’s shiny metal a$$

  • Throe Eternal-Wharrior

    Oh whatever, Gambit will always have Marvel’s best butt. Copypaste this in your address bar if you don’t believe me:

  • Talia

    Hah! This is utterly awesome. And I agree with Throe, Gambit has always had the best Marvel butt, though I think Thor could compare.

    *sigh* How I long for Edward Norton Hulk :<

  • Life Lessons

    Kevin Bolk you are a genius and a gentleman. I salute you!

  • Lindsey Prks

    you could bounce a quarter off of captain americas ass, GOT-DAMN.

  • Anonymous

    I find it somewhat hilarious that this pose everyone’s remarking on happens to be pretty similar to The Mary Sue’s mascot…

  • Anonymous

    Hmmmm…do you think it’s a coincidence??? :P

  • Frodo Baggins

    Well hey, would you look at that:

    It’s Hulk in the exact same position as Black Widow.

  • yu tube

    to flip it around; in the original poster why are all the guys in a crotch shot, look at my package, pose? But hats off to Kevin Bolk for the great art work.