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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Questions! Questions That Need Answering

So What Would Happen If Everyone on Earth Jumped At the Same Time?

It’s a question that’s been asked many times before: What would happen if everyone in the world (and we mean everyone) got together in one tightly-packed–and presumably pretty sweaty–place and, all at once, everyone jumped up and landed at the exact same time. What would happen to the Earth? You know, aside from the incredible inconveniences of getting everyone home. Michael Stevens of Vsauce has thought a lot about this, and presents his findings in this really informative, fun video.

(via Laughing Squid)

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  • Anonymous

    Hm, I could have sworn “decimate” meant to reduce TO ten percent, not BY ten percent. lists the definition “to take a tenth of or from” as obsolete.  The main, and colloquial definition, is to reduce by a great number or proportion.

    And yes, I just ignored all the big number physics to quibble over the vagaries language. 

    Help me.

  • Pete Pfau

    The only lesson I’m taking from this is that I should lay down on the ground to go home from work faster.

  • Simon Chui

    The guy got Dunbar’s Number wrong.  Approximately 150 is the number of people your brain is able to maintain social relationships with at any given point in time.  You’ll befriend more than that number during your lifetime, because not all relationships are lifelong.  And the relationship does not have to be reciprocal.  If you’re a rabid fan of some celebrity or if you’re some sort of stalker, you’re keeping track of information about that person, and you’re investing emotions into them, instead of spending your time and effort on someone who actually knows you exist.

  • Anthony

    Decimation was a punishment by the Roman Army for cowardice and mutiny. Entire units would be divided into groups of 10, and each soldier of the group had to draw lots. The soldier the lot fell upon, would be executed by the other 9, either by stoning or clubbing.

  • James Baldwin

    Here’s the story of a more aggresive attempt to move the planet.